Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Business Studies Program

For those desiring a broader perspective and less specialization, the B.A. degree offers greater breadth in the liberal arts, while still providing the critical mass of business knowledge for entrepreneurs and entry level managers in business.  

Computer Science and Information Systems

Program rovides students with an adaptable curriculum and pedagogy that complements the evolution of computer technology and the computing profession.

Hospitality and Tourism Management Studies

Program provides students with insights from industry leaders, tours and employment opportunities that connect the curriculum to the ever changing world of hospitality and tourism.


Graduate Programs

Master of Business Administration

Program prepares students
for professional careers in business to become leaders and decision makers for their organizations in an ever-changing business environment.

Accelerated Dual Degree Programs

Accelerated Dual Degree Program

Program is to provide students with an expanded awareness of the complex political, social and economic environments within which all organizations and individuals must function.