About First Ospreys

Contact Information

Questions, comments, or suggestions may be directed to: FirstOspreys@stockton.edu



First Ospreys offers cross-divisional support through the committed efforts and skills of the following subcommittees:




Angel Hernandez

  Angel Hernandez,   Associate Director, Educational Opportunity Fund

Nordia Johnson

Nordia Johnson, Coordinator of Student Transition Programs

Ana Rodriguez

Ana Rodriguez,   Interim Director Student Transition Programs

Maralyn Mason

Maralyn Mason, Executive Director Educational Opportunity and Success Programs

Rosa Perez-Maldonado

Rosa Perez-Maldonado,   Assistant Dean, School of Arts and Humanities

Lauren Wilson

Lauren Wilson,   Assistant Director of Student Development

 Jennifer Kosakowski

 Jennifer Kosakowski,   Director of Development

Sara Faurot

Sara Faurot,   Director of Alumni Relations

Haley Baum

Haley Baum,   Assistant Dean of Students, Atlantic City

Daniel Tomé

Daniel Tomé,   Director of Service-Learning

Jen Radwanski

  Jen Radwanski,   Director for Parent and Family Partnerships

Adrian Wiggins

  Adrian Wiggins,   Director of Campus Public Safety

Sandra Leone

  Sandra Leone,   Professional Services Specialist

Vic Conover

  Vic Conover,   Liaison for Curriculum & Academic Support

Christina Morus

Christina Morus, Associate Professor of Communications

Yibin Feng

Yibin Feng,  International Student Advisor

Ariane Hutchins-Newman

Ariane Hutchins-Newman,   Assistant Dean, School of Health Sciences

James Gwathney

  James Gwathney,   Coordinator for Intramurals and Recreation

Scott Bittner

  Scott Bittner,   Head Men's Basketball Coach

Jessica Fleck

  Jessica Fleck,   Associate Professor Psychology

Amber Davies

  Amber Davies, Graduate Student

Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones, Program Assistant, Military and Veteran Services

Patricia McConville

  Patricia McConville,   Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities



Terri Carr

Terri Carr  , Director, Career Education and Development  

 Dedra Williams

 Dedra Williams, Adjunct Faculty & Atlantic City High School Liaison

Kim McCabe

Kim McCabe,   Director, Student Affairs Communications

Natalja Manger

  Natalja Manger,   International Student and Study Abroad Advisor

Megan Taylor

  Megan Taylor,   Administrative Support, EOF-AC and Student Success Services

Dianne Stalling

  Dianne Stalling, Assistant Director of Student Development

Diane Garrison

  Diane Garrison,   Professional Services Specialist

Rebecca Longo

  Rebecca Longo,   Assistant Director of the Women's Gender and Sexuality Center (WGSC)

Joe Thompson

Joe Thompson, Assistant Director of Student Developmen

 Candace Mitchell

 Candace Mitchell, Complex Director

Chrissy Easton

Chrissy Easton, Complex Director

Darius Edwards

Darius Edwards, Complex Director

Joan Sylvester-Joseph

Joan Sylvester-Joseph, Professional Services Specialist

  Adriane Sicknick

  Adriane Sicknick, Professional Services Specialist

Christine Thompson

Christine Thompson,   Asst Professor of Marine Science

Ryan Terrell

  Ryan Terrell, Assistant Director of Admissions

Teresa Barone

Teresa Barone  ,   Professional Services Specialist

 Shedia Laguer

 Shedia Laguer, Assistant Director of Student Development

Kathleen Klein

Kathleen Klein, Interim Director, Center for Learning Design

Kameika Murphy

Kameika Murphy, Assistant Professor of Atlantic History

Elizabeth Elmore

Elizabeth Elmore, Professor of Economics

Amy Beth Glass

Amy Beth Glass,   Director of Graduate Studies

Destiny Talley

  Destiny Talley,   Assistant Director, College Bound

Roxana Perez-Nieves

  Roxana Perez-Nieves,   College Bound Lead Academic/Career Counselor