The chronicles of First Gens: Zikra Naz, Vera Tagtaa, Rebecca Nagy Miller, and Nasir Terry.

Zikra Naz
Vera Tagataa
Rebecca Nagy Miller
Nasir Terry

My message to fellow first-gen students is to get comfortable being uncomfortable. It's needed for growth but also for the continued strength that will be needed to handle the pressures that come with being a first-gen student. Embrace them all!
Ana Estevez,  First-Gen Alumna '11

Olivia Norton

"What I really learned is that if you really want to succeed and you take your education seriously and you take yourself

seriously, people around you really want to help and support you and that is what I got out of Stockton the most. I learned that it's okay to ask for help and people have answers for you."

Olivia Norton, First Gen Alumna '19


leah alumni

"Creating connections and a space for First-Gen students on Stockton's campus was the best part of my college experience."Leah Sadler


Harvey Kesselman with students

"It's part of Stockton's DNA to have a significant commitment toward first-generation students." Dr. Harvey Kesselman