First to Fly Leadership Symposium

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The mission of the First to Fly Leadership Symposium is to motivate students and families to achieve a college degree, expose them to Stockton University’s resources, and provide support through their academic journey. 


The purpose of the First to Fly Leadership symposium is to showcase Stockton’s ongoing commitment to helping future first-generation Ospreys excel. In addition, this personable visit to Stockton will foreshadow high school students’ wide range of endless possibilities of professional, personal, and academic growth and development as future Stockton students. The Leadership symposium will also give hope and ignite passion of high school attendees and prospective non-traditional adult learners (Wise Ospreys) to achieve unimaginable aspirations of career advancement and upward mobility.


Each student participant should register separately by Sunday, June 18, 2023.

Save the Date for the First to Fly Symposium, June 24, 10am-3pm

Questions? Contact event creator Alicia Jenkins: or the Office of Admissions at (609)652-4261.