Minor in Public Health

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The Minor in Public Health consists of five PUBH courses (20 credits) and is intended to expose students in other majors to some of the fundamental concepts in public health.

Students must earn a C or better in each of the courses (or their equivalents) in order to earn the minor. Two courses (up to 8 credits) can be transferred into the minor with the approval of the Program Coordinator.

Public Health Minor Courses

PUBH Minor
PUBH 1200 Introduction to Public Health 4 credits
PUBH 3420 Epidemiology 4 credits
PUBH 2330 Research and Statistics or equivalent statistics 4 credits
(BIOL 3105, CSIS 1206, ENVL 2400, HLTH 2305MATH 4441, PSYC 2241)
Choose one of the following
PUBH 2530 Basic Environmental Health 4 credits
PUBH 2605 Environmental Justice 4 credits
Choose one of the following:
PUBH 2300 Focus on Women’s Health 4 credits
PUBH 2315 Health Communication 4 credits
PUBH 2402 Health Policies and Issues 4 credits
PUBH 2432 Contemporary Health Issues 4 credits
PUBH 2450 Public Health and Marketing 4 credits
PUBH 3111 Food Safety 4 credits
PUBH 3225 Health Insurance 4 credits
PUBH 4110 Health Administration and Law 4 credits
PUBH 4113 Patient Education 4 credits
PUBH 2901 Practicum OR PUBH 4950 Internship  
(prerequisites: completion of 4 PUBH courses with a “C-” or better, permission of instructor, & upon availability)

Information about the Program

Public Health Minor Program Coordinator

School of Health Sciences

Stockton University

101 Vera King Farris Drive

Galloway, NJ 08205-9441

Phone: 609-652-4501

For current, detailed course descriptions, go to the Catalog of Courses.


Elizabeth G. Calamidas (1986), Professor of Public Health; Ph.D., Temple University; M.S., B.S., The Pennsylvania State University: community and public health, health education, health behavior, human sexuality, women and health, aging and health.

Ronald L. Caplan (1994), Associate Professor of Public Health; Ph.D., M.A., B.A., University of Massachusetts: health economics, health policy.

Tara Crowell (2000),  Professor of Public Health, Public Health Internship Coordinator; Ph.D., University of Oklahoma; M.A., B.A., West Virginia University: health communication, social marketing, quantitative research methods.


Bruce DeLussa (1986), Professor Emeritus of Public Health; MPH, University of Michigan; B.S., Colorado State University.