Mission Statement

On behalf of the members of the Stockton University Police Department, I would like to welcome you to our home on the Internet. I encourage you to view our website to learn more about the department’s history, mission and the many services that we provide to the Stockton University community. Here you will locate important information concerning campus safety, crime prevention, statistics, parking, Emergency Medical Services and programs offered by our department.

We are a full service law enforcement agency certified by the New Jersey Police Training Commission.  We work in conjunction with local, county, state and federal agencies in order to obtain our mission. Using our values of (IDEAL), Integrity, Dedication, Excellence, Achievement, and Loyalty, we deliver what we consider the most professional campus police services in the state. We are motivated by customer service and professionalism, and enjoy the rich diversity of our campus.

We have achieved state accreditation from the New Jersey Association of Chiefs of Police Accreditation Commission and have obtained national recognition from the Commission of Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). This process has and will continue to improve the services we deliver to our community.

We are proud to have some of the best campus police personnel in this state. Through their initiative, character, strong work ethic and creativity, the Stockton University has enjoyed a reputation as a safe and secure environment enabling our students to obtain a high quality of education.

Our efforts are greatly enhanced when members of the Stockton University community take an active role in personal safety and crime prevention. The cooperation of all students, faculty, administration and staff is crucial to maintaining a safe and orderly environment. I encourage you to report any safety concerns, illegal or suspicious activity, and present any comments or suggestions you have to our department.

I hope that you find the information contained in our website helpful and I wish you a safe, successful and fulfilling academic stay. Thank you for allowing us to serve the Stockton University community. Should you need any further assistance, please contact us at (609) 652-4390, or extension #4390 on campus.

Effective October 2, 2015 all uniformed Stockton University Police Officers are equipped with Body Worn Cameras and are required to audibly and visually record incidents involving a police response.

In addition, all Stockton University Police patrol vehicles are equipped with in car camera audio and visual recording systems.

Protecting, serving and educating America’s future



Integrity:  We will do the right thing for the right reason when nobody is watching. We will foster the trust of our community by maintaining high ethical standards of our personnel.

Dedication:  Our dedication is to customer service and willingness to answer the call no matter what the circumstances.

Excellence:  We will always strive for excellence in our daily work, which will ensure the best services are being delivered to our community.

Achievement:  We will continually improve our department and the services we offer.

Loyalty:  We will remain loyal to the principles of the Constitutions of the Uni ted States of America and the State of New Jersey, and protect the civil liberties afforded our community through these documents.  We appreciate the diverse population we serve and understand that diversity is a principle this nation was founded upon.


Community Partnerships:  We will develop partnerships with members of the community we serve in an effort to provide a safe and secure environment that allows for the delivery of the highest quality of education.

Customer Service:  We exist to serve the Richard Stockton College community and will strive to provide the best law enforcement services to this educational institution.

Professionalism:  We will strive to be a model, full service campus law enforcement department with national accreditation.  We embrace the initiative, hard work, creativity and courage of our personnel as they respond to the needs of our community.