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Always dial 911 to report a crime

Crime Tip Line

Please use this link to report any crime or unsafe condition anonymously to Stockton University Police. 

Submit an Incident Report

Please use this link to submit a concern, complaint, or bias incident.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

In collaboration with the Campus Police and Student Affairs, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion provides leadership and oversight to the Bias Prevention, Education and Review Program.

Responsibilities of the Bias Prevention Education and Review Program

  • To identify prevention methods;
  • To provide an annual review and assessment of the institutions, statistics, prevention, response and education practices
  • To create and/or offer education primarily on bias incidents and bias crimes to supplement current programs addressing prohibited discrimination/harassment; and
  • To collaborate with others on campus to offer programs to address patterns and trends in bias incident and bias crime prevention

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Stockton University Bias Prevention Education and Review Program

Haley Baum - Assistant Dean of Students, Atlantic City | Student Affairs |  609.761.1235

John C. Smith - Director of Academic Operations | Provost's Office | K-201C | 609.652.4290

Amy L. Jones - Director of Care and Community Standards | Office of the Dean of Students | F-107 | 609.652.4691

Ro Latoracca - Clery Compliance Coordinator | Campus Police and Safety | Building 71 | 609.652.4390

Tracy Stuart - Lieutenant, Campus Police and Safety | Bldg. 71 | 609.652.4390

Ethan Levine - Asst. Professor of Criminal Justice, Victimology | H 242 | 609.626.3123

Shedia Laguer - Assistant Director Student Development | CC-240 | 609.626.3190 

Craig Stambaugh - Assistant VP Engagement and Community Development | CC 243 | 609.652. 4717

Christy Cunningham - Associate Director for Training & Organizational Development | J-115K | 609.652.4778

Bias FAQs:

A “Bias Incident” is defined as an act – either verbal, written, physical, or psychological - that threatens or harms a person or group on the basis of actual or perceived race, religion, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, civil union status, domestic partnership status, atypical heredity or cellular blood trait, military service or veteran status, or other protected classes as required by law and that interferes with one’s educational opportunities or disrupts the living, learning, and/or working environment.

Hate crimes are unlawful acts committed with the intent to victimize an individual or group based on the actual or perceived race, color, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, or ethnicity as defined by applicable laws.  Hate crimes are motivated by prejudice and include a definable crime, such as: threats of violence, property damage, personal injury, harassment, and/or other illegal conduct. The discrimination component is what elevates the unlawful act to a hate crime. Hate crimes are violations of the law and will be addressed accordingly.

The University urges anyone who has witnessed or experienced a Bias Incident to report it to one of the following departments:

Stockton University Police - Non-Emergency
Building 71
Care & Community Standards Office
Office of Human Resources

We want you to feel safe and supported so we encourage you to reach out to an office, faculty/staff member, or resource most comfortable for you. You can also speak privately with any of the University resources or reporting hubs listed above. However sometimes, it may be best to speak with a confidential resource who can provide guidance, direction, and support. To speak with someone confidentially you can reach out to licensed staff in the Wellness Center, such as Counseling Services and/or Health Services Medical Staff. Or speak with someone in the Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Center. (see Confidential Resources under Is My Report Confidential?)

  • Reporting a bias incident helps to ensure our community addresses issues inconsistent with Stockton’s vision of a community of respect, openness, understanding, and civility.
  • Reporting bias incidents also ensures that members of our community impacted by these incidents receive support and access to resources.
  • Bias incidents may cause pain and hurt for the targeted individuals, groups, and our community.
  • Reports also provide the university with a record of current issues on campus and enable the Bias Prevention Education and Reporting Team to track patterns or trends and respond effectively.
  • Reports of hate crimes and bias incidents are referred to the University Police Department for investigation, and may be referred to other offices as appropriate.
  • Possible violations of the University Code of Conduct will be referred to the Care & Community Standards Office (students) or the Office of Human Resources (employees) for review and resolution.
  • Possible violations of the University’s Policy Prohibiting Discrimination in the Workplace or the Student Policy Prohibiting Discrimination in the Academic/Educational Environment will be referred to the Office of Equal Opportunity & Institutional Compliance for review and resolution.

Every attempt will be made to respect the privacy of reporting parties. However, if a crime has been committed or there is a risk to our community, the University has an obligation to report and respond appropriately.

Typically reports are only confidential if made to a “Confidential Resource” on campus which includes:

The Womens, Gender, and Sexuality Center F-103 609-626-3611
Counseling Services J-204 609-652-4722
Health Services (medical staff) WQ-108 609-652-4701

Confidential reports will not be acted upon (i.e. investigated, adjudicated, or resolved) without your permission. All parties involved in a bias incident or hate crime are entitled to support services and resources regardless of their reporting.

Harvey KesselmanStatement from President Kesselman

Please join me in reaffirming our commitment to sustain an environment where everyone feels welcome, safe, and supported. Stockton will always be committed to providing an environment of inclusiveness; where we value individual differences, and recognize how important having a diverse faculty, staff and student population is to the success of this institution.

Our community must do all it can to promote civility and respect when interacting with one another. Civility and respect promote the free exchange of ideas, and that is the hallmark of a great public institution of higher education.

If you see a bias incident or hate crime, contact the University Police via 911. If you feel you are victim of a bias incident or hate crime, please reach out to resources listed on this webpage under University Resources. We all need to work together to help keep Stockton a place where everyone feels welcome, safe, and supported.