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Welcome to the Office of Residential Life. Our staff is excited to provide support, and foster growth within our community. 

The Office of Residential Life aspires to be a leading residential program in the state of New Jersey by creating a residential experience built upon mutual understanding and respect that supports interpersonal growth and development. Residential Life strives to create a seamless atmosphere for long lasting and meaningful friendships at Stockton and aspires to shape transformative experiences which challenge students to engage in the pursuit of knowledge and personal fulfillment.


The Stockton University, Office of Residential Life offers diverse living opportunities in both suburban and urban environments.  We seek to empower students through experiential learning as a means to provide a safe, inclusive, atmosphere fostering academic excellence and the development of emotional, and cultural competence.


We aspire to cultivate responsible, educated, global citizens who are capable of making moral and ethical decisions.  We strive to meet the evolving needs of our students through educational and innovative practices.


Office Information

Location: A-100
Serves the Residential Students of Housing 2 and Housing 3
Telephone: 609.652.4332

Location: 82-4
Serves the Residential Students of Housing 1, Housing 4, Housing 5, Stockton Seaview, and Stockton Owned and Affiliated Properties
Telephone: 609.652.4697

9:00 AM - 7:00 PM, Monday - Thursday
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Friday

Summer Hours:
8:00 AM - 5:15 PM, Monday - Thursday
Closed Friday - Sunday

101 Vera King Farris Drive
Galloway, NJ 08205



Shawn Busch

Shawn Busch, Professional Services Specialist 3

609.652.4697 | 82-3
Patricia Kelly

Patricia Kelly, Associate Director of Residence Education

609.652.4332 | A-100
Agnes Merritt

Agnes Merritt, Secretarial Assistant 1

609.652.4332 | A-100
Brian Pluchino

Brian Pluchino, Assistant Director of Residential Life for Operations

609.652.4697 | 82-4
Steven Radwanski

Steven Radwanski, Director for Residential Life - Operations

609.652.4697 | A-100
Barbara Teel

Barbara Teel, Principle Clerk Typist

609.626.6808 | TRLC-105
James Timothy

James Timothy, Assistant Director of Residential Life for Operations and Communications

609.652.4697 | 82-3
Amber Watts

Amber Watts, Clerk Typist

609.652.4332 | A-100


Candace Human 

Candace Human , Complex Director

609.652.4697 | 82-4
Laura Eguia

Laura Eguia, RA

Arrowwood Court
Mark Tirone

Mark Tirone, RA

Arrowwood Court
Victoria Moreland

Victoria Moreland, RA

Arrowwood Court
Shikha Patel

Shikha Patel, RA

Birch Court
Joshua Dutko

Joshua Dutko, RA

Birch Court
Kyle Massey

Kyle Massey, RA

Birch Court
Michael Slaza

Michael Slaza, RA

Cedar Court
Christian Jimenez

Christian Jimenez, RA

Cedar Court
Ashley Rakow

Ashley Rakow, RA

Cedar Court
Kaela Giles

Kaela Giles, RA

Cedar Court
Miguel Anton Faigal

Miguel Anton Faigal, RA

Dogwood Court
Ragan Meyer

Ragan Meyer, RA

Dogwood Court
Daiz'ja Williams

Daiz'ja Williams, RA

Dogwood Court
Joseph Argueta

Joseph Argueta, Complex Director

609.652.4697 | 82-4
James Anderson

James Anderson, RA

Elderberry Court
Onestie Jackson

Onestie Jackson, RA

Elderberry Court
Angel Cordero

Angel Cordero, RA

Elderberry Court
Alexis Braham

Alexis Braham, RA

Fern Court
Carolyn Kosten

Carolyn Kosten, RA

Fern Court
Michael Roche

Michael Roche, RA

Fern Court
Jacqueline Lopez

Jacqueline Lopez, RA

Fern Court
Aiden Murphy

Aiden Murphy, RA

Greenbriar Court
Bethany Mancuso

Bethany Mancuso, RA

Greenbriar Court
Carolina Paula

Carolina Paula, RA

Greenbriar Court
Erin Toye

Erin Toye, RA

Heather Court
Gabrielle Torres

Gabrielle Torres, RA

Heather Court
Joshua Pagan

Joshua Pagan, RA

Heather Court
Naima Chowdhury

Naima Chowdhury, Complex Director

609.652.4332 | A-100
James Delrocini

James Delrocini, RA

Dayane Santos

Dayane Santos, RA

Allison Stiles

Allison Stiles, RA

Elijah Lewis

Elijah Lewis, RA

Millie Shah

Millie Shah, RA

Gabriella Mayo

Gabriella Mayo, RA

Roxanne Canfield

Roxanne Canfield, RA

Stephanie Hanvey

Stephanie Hanvey, RA

James Ignaczewski

James Ignaczewski, RA

Maria-Jose Ibarra

Maria-Jose Ibarra, RA

Klaudia Patryn

Klaudia Patryn, RA

Kristin Cavorley

Kristin Cavorley, RA

Christopher Bourque

Christopher Bourque, RA

Cassidy Troy

Cassidy Troy, RA

Michael Schwarz

Michael Schwarz, RA

Miguel Aranas

Miguel Aranas, RA

Raquel Yuhas

Raquel Yuhas, RA

Luke Strawn

Luke Strawn, Complex Director

609.652.4332 | A-100
Ryan McDonald

Ryan McDonald, RA

Viona Richardson

Viona Richardson, RA

Chioma Uka

Chioma Uka, RA

Jorge Gonzalez

Jorge Gonzalez, RA

Cara Cattafi

Cara Cattafi, RA

Haley Batchelor

Haley Batchelor, RA

Samuel Isidoro

Samuel Isidoro, RA

Mariah Jones

Mariah Jones, RA

Macie McCallion

Macie McCallion, RA

Mallory Murphy

Mallory Murphy, RA

Kelly Coburn

Kelly Coburn, RA

Garrett Morehead

Garrett Morehead, RA

Nicholas Dunham

Nicholas Dunham, RA

Brianna Ciampa

Brianna Ciampa, RA

Darius Edwards

Darius Edwards, Complex Director

609.652.4332 | A-100
Alyssa Smialowicz

Alyssa Smialowicz, RA

Jahmir Ellis

Jahmir Ellis, RA

Ashley Marte

Ashley Marte, RA

Qudratullah Qadiri

Qudratullah Qadiri, RA

Haashim Smith-Johnson

Haashim Smith-Johnson, RA

Marissa Chin

Marissa Chin, RA

Dionia Henderson

Dionia Henderson, RA

Elizabeth Aroune

Elizabeth Aroune, RA

Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith, RA

Leon Isaacs

Leon Isaacs, RA

Deon Davis

Deon Davis, RA

Hannah Bibeault

Hannah Bibeault, RA

Shabey Joseph

Shabey Joseph, RA

Thomas Readie

Thomas Readie, RA

Bridget Antwi

Bridget Antwi, RA

Tiffany Rice

Tiffany Rice, Complex Director

 609.652.4697 |  82-4
Adeyemi Oseni

Adeyemi Oseni, RA

Building 81
Rebecca Austin

Rebecca Austin, RA

Building 82
Allyson Crawford

Allyson Crawford, RA

Building 83
Ashley Golden

Ashley Golden, RA

Building 84
Dylan Bell

Dylan Bell, RA

Building 85
Vincent De Ritis

Vincent De Ritis, RA

Building 86
Samantha Schroll

Samantha Schroll, RA

Building 87
Alyssa Royce

Alyssa Royce, RA

Building 88
Alexis Cintron

Alexis Cintron, RA

Ivy Building
Kimberly Secor

Kimberly Secor, RA

Juniper Building
Sierra Palmer

Sierra Palmer, RA

Kerria Building
Lauren Baghsarian

Lauren Baghsarian, RA

Laurel Building
Jessica Lek

Jessica Lek, RA

Maple Building
Charles Elsea

Charles Elsea, RA

Nectar Building
Christine Easton

Christine Easton, Complex Director

609.652.4332 | TRLC 105
Alexis Scott

Alexis Scott, Graduate Assistant

Chris Gaupp Property
Natasha Lownsbury

Natasha Lownsbury, RA

Chris Gaupp Property
Jazzmen Maxwell

Jazzmen Maxwell, RA

Chris Gaupp Property
Ryan Greene

Ryan Greene, RA

Chris Gaupp Property
Deion Johnson

Deion Johnson, RA

Chris Gaupp Property
Gregory Walsh

Gregory Walsh, RA

Stockton Seaview
Jessica Klein

Jessica Klein, RA

Stockton Seaview
Angelina Pichardo

Angelina Pichardo, RA

Stockton Seaview
Margaret Erickson

Margaret Erickson, RA

Stockton Seaview
Andrew Smythe

Andrew Smythe, RA

Stockton Seaview
Anjanique Kent

Anjanique Kent, RA

Stockton Seaview
Tatayania Robinson

Tatayania Robinson, RA

Stockton Seaview
Amanda Griglack

Amanda Griglack, RA

Stockton Seaview
Robert Migliazza

Robert Migliazza, RA

Stockton Seaview
Bry'le Watson

Bry'le Watson, RA

Stockton Seaview