Parking, Traffic, and Appeals

Parking Citations Appeals

This form is to be used by anyone wishing to appeal a College parking citation. Understand that this form will be read by the PARKING APPEALS BOARD and there is no need for a personal appearance. Appeals forms must be submitted within 5 days of issuance of the citation. The Parking Appeals Board consists of members from the Stockton Community that include students and staff.

Citations may not be appealed for the following reasons:

  • Lost ticket / never received ticket
  • Officer made an error in description of the vehicle
  • Parked illegally "for only a short time"
  • Ignorance of regulations
  • Inconvenience of assigned parking area
  • Unread or misunderstood signs
  • Financial hardship

If you have questions about your appeal, please email


Parking Regulations on Campus

Parking & Transportation is dedicated to providing all members of the Stockton community information on campus parking regulations, parking permits, shuttle schedules, public transit options, and much more.

Beginning Fall 2016 all vehicles must be permitted to park on campus.


Traffic and Administrative Regulations

The police department at Stockton University continues its efforts to regulate the safe traffic flow and parking on our campus. These regulations are designed to help and improve the traffic and parking conditions on campus and strive to keep Stockton a safe community. Please click the link below for more information.