Extracurricular Mathematics Activities

Moravian College Student Mathematics Conference

This is a yearly conference held at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA typically on the second Saturday in February. It is a one day conference aimed at students that the Mathematics program has attended regularly for many years. If you are interested in attending or speaking at this conference contact Dr. Forrest or Dr. Kosick.

Mathematics Competition in Modeling (MCM)

The MCM is an intensive 4 day team mathematics competition held over the first weekend in February. Teams of three students work to solve a problem in mathematical modeling. For more information contact Dr. Forrest or Dr. Rapatski.

Garden State Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (GSUMC)

The GSUMC is a combination Mathematics competition and student conference held annually on the first weekend in April. The competition occurs in the morning and after lunch there is a student research poster session and student presentations. For more information, contact Dr. Wu, Dr. Forrest or Dr. Kosick.

Mathematical Mayhem

This is a yearly competition for high school students held at Stockton usually on the first Saturday after Spring Break. The contest is written and run by Stockton Math Faculty with support from Stockton Math Club. If you are interested in helping out at Mathematical Mayhem, please contact Dr. Wu.

Student Research Projects

There are many opportunities for students to engage in independent research projects at Stockton.
Recent projects within the Mathematics Program have included collaborating with the Federal Aviation Administration, studying of Mathematical Innerconnections, modeling of infectious diseases, examining dynamical systems, and investigating symmetries of fractals.

There are three primary types of projects sponsored in the Mathematics Program.

  • Senior Thesis/Project. A senior thesis/project with that as the goal. Usually the student gives a companion presentation in the MATH Seminar.

  • Graduation with MATH Program Distinction. For this students need a minimum GPA of 3.5. No later than early in the semester prior to the one in which the student intends to graduate the supervising faculty member recommends to the MATH faculty - for their approval - consideration of the student for MATH Program Distinction. If they feel that the project requires more than two semesters to complete, some faculty members begin the independent study project one or more semesters prior to the one in which they inform the MATH faculty of the intended project. The culmination of the project is a student presentation in the MATH Seminar usually - but not necessarily - in the semester of the intended graduation. On completion of the student's presentation, assuming that it goes well the supervising faculty member proposes to the MATH Program that the student be awarded graduation with MATH program distinction at the upcoming graduation ceremony. After the program's approval, the MATH program coordinator informs the Assistant Dean.

  • Fellowships for Distinguished Students. The College began this program in 1986. Twice a year - once during the fall semester and once during the spring semester - deadlines are announced for this program. For the first one, the project is to be completed during the winter break; for the second one, projects are to be completed during the summer. As with graduation with MATH Program Distinction, some supervising faculty have students start their projects as much as a year before project completion, and culmination of the project is a student presentation in the MATH Seminar. If a student is also trying for MATH Program Distinction, some supervising faculty use the Distinguished Fellowship project for that project while adding on another component.