Jonathan Dodi

Image of Jonathan DodiB.S. Mathematics/Education '16


I am a senior at Stockton, and will complete a bachelor's program in mathematics in less than a month. It should not come as a surprise that pursuing a math degree is both difficult and labor-intensive. The work involved to complete the curriculum, let alone perform well, is extensive. My program was made even more demanding by my enrollment in the School of Education, which requires specific courses and literally hundreds of hours of fieldwork.

Like most university students, I spent my share of sleepless nights mulling over a mathematical proof or drafting a lesson plan. It goes without saying that such an endeavor should have been nearly impossible without help. A great deal of peer assistance, family back, prayer, and divine grace were the proverbial wind in my sails through my four years of study (and will continue to be through my upcoming semester of student teaching).

In addition to these supports, the faculty members of the Stockton School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics were in incredible asset, both in and out of class. They provided thoughtful and informed instruction through well-designed lectures and assignments, and also contributed extra help by way of one-on-one mentoring and advising. Almost everything I know about higher mathematics can be attributed, directly or indirectly, to the community of math professors at Stockton.

Even beyond the realm of mathematics, my instructors have been a treasure trove of information about the professional world. My experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Stockton University in general, and NAMS in particular, have been an excellent environment for my personal and professional growth and development.

Additionally, I feel well-prepared and excited to take the plunge into the workforce; I am ready to move on to the next stage in my life. As wonderful as my experience has been, NAMS programs and facilities become more effective and elaborate with every passing semester. For any students who are contemplating enrollment in this institution, I commend it very highly. Given the choice to do everything over, I can say without a doubt that I would choose Stockton University School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.