Non-Matriculated Registration

A non-matriculated student is one who is interested in taking courses for credit, but who has not formally applied to Stockton. While students may complete a registration form to select classes, they are not considered matriculated or working toward a degree until they complete the formal application process.

Undergraduate Students:

Non-matriculated undergraduate students are limited to 8 credit hours in any term, and no more than 24 credits may be attempted in non-matriculated status. To register beyond the limit of 24 credits, the non-matriculant must apply and be admitted as a matriculated student.

Graduate Students:

Non-matriculated graduate students are limited to 9 credit hours, in total, in most graduate programs. The MAED, MAIT and MBA limit non-matriculated students to 6 credit hours of attempted study, without the possibility of repeating a course. The DPT, MSCD, and MSOT programs do not accept non-matriculated students.

Note: Graduate programs may require either undergraduate or other graduate courses as prerequisites. Non-matriculated students are not eligible for financial aid or graduate assistantships, nor are they eligible to live in on-campus housing.

Application Instructions:


All prospective students must create a Discover Stockton Account to access Stockton’s electronic applications.  It is important that you use an e-mail account that you check frequently. If you have already created a Discover Stockton Account, sign in.

If you have not created a Discover Stockton Account, select Create Account. Fill out all fields on the Create Account Form.

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Select your Academic Level and Admission Type as Undergraduate or Graduate Non-Matric.

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Once your account is created, you will then select “Create a New Application”.

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From the Application Listing you will select the fourth option “I am interested in taking courses for credit, but do not wish to formally apply right now.” Next you will select either the Non-Matriculated Application to enroll in Undergraduate level courses or the Non-Matriculated Application to enroll in Master’s level courses. After filling out all required fields of the application and submitting payment, your application will be marked as complete and reviewed internally. After approval, a follow up email will arrive with your credentials for registration, information on when to register, and information on how to register.

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Support Information:

For Undergraduate questions:

Telephone: (609) 652-4261
Fax: (609) 626-5541
Office Hours: Monday-Friday., 8:30am-5:00pm
Campus Center Suite 101

For Graduate questions:

Telephone: (609) 626-3640
Fax: (609) 626-6050
Office Hours: Monday-Friday., 8:30am-5:00pm 
F-101 Suite