Transfer Students FAQ

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Yes! Stockton guarantees that if you hold an Associate in Arts (AA) or Associate in Science (AS) from a New Jersey community college, or a regionally accredited community college from another state, in a program Stockton offers, we will accept the degree intact. That means that up to 64 credits will transfer. Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis. Your county college transfer counselor has lists of county college courses and their Stockton equivalents.

Any P grade earned for courses taken in the Spring 2020 term at either a regionally-accredited two- or four-year institution will be accepted and applied to the appropriate degree requirement.

The most prevalent reason for loss of credits when you transfer is a change of major. Each major has different course requirements; satisfying them can take longer than anticipated. Occasionally, other schools have degree requirements that are very different from our own. In these cases, speak with the director of the Center for Academic Advising or the coordinator for your major regarding how those credits can be used.

No, except for a few majors. Some may have prerequisite courses, audition, portfolio or GPA requirements. Please consult the Bulletin for details.

Unfortunately, no. Additionally, we are not able to accept credits from certificate granting proprietary institutions, such as computer science institutes or technical business schools that are unaccredited.

Yes, but your transcript is then evaluated on a course-by-course basis. 
The only cases in which grades of C- or D will transfer is if you are transferring from a New Jersey community college with an AA or AS degree, or you transfer a bachelor's degree. However, even in these particular cases, grades lower than a C may not be acceptable in your chosen major. Some majors, such as business, require a C or higher for their program courses.
Up to 64 credits from an accredited community college and up to 96 credits from an accredited four-year school.
Most degrees at Stockton require a minimum of 128 credits to complete. Some require more. 
With your admission acceptance, you will receive a preliminary transcript evaluation showing you the number of credits approved for transfer. At orientation when you meet with your advisor for scheduling, you will receive a document showing how the credits actually fall into your intended major. In addition, you can evaluate your earned credits with a self-audit through DegreeWorks prior to enrolling to know exactly how your prior work will transfer. 
Yes, you will receive full acknowledgement that you have completed each class. However, for every three classes awarded as quarter credits, one additional class must be taken because quarter credits are only worth 2/3 of Stockton credits. 
Check with the transcript evaluator to determine what documentation to submit to receive credit. Stockton does award AP credit, CLEP and military-based credits. Other sources of credit are subject to review and approval. 
Stockton generally has a very liberal policy in this case. Credits more than 30 years old will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis.
The same number of credits is needed to complete your degree at Stockton as at most other colleges. You will receive full acknowledgement for the class, and any remaining credits can be packaged together to make up one complete class. It should take you no longer to earn a degree at Stockton than at any other institution.
No. You start with a whole new GPA at Stockton.

The NJ STARS II Program is a continuation of NJ STARS providing successful NJ STARS students at New Jersey county colleges with funding to transfer to a New Jersey four-year college/university to earn a bachelor’s degree. The amount of the NJ STARS II award will be determined after all other State and Federal grants and scholarships are applied, can change annually, and is based on the year the student enrolls at the four-year institution. NJ STARS students must have graduated from a NJ county college with an associate’s degree and a GPA of 3.25 or higher to be eligible. For more information visit

For information about New Jersey county college transfer course equivalencies and a variety of other helpful resources, please visit NJ Want to see how your courses transfer to Stockton? Log on to DegreeWorks for an instant credit audit.