Osprey Card

About Your ID Card
In addition to serving as your official Stockton identification card, your ID Card (Osprey Card) can also be used as a key access card to enter buildings, rooms, library, athletics and events.  The card can also be used as a declining balance account and be used similar to a pre-paid credit card to make purchases on campus and participating off-campus locations.

Instead of carrying cash or credits cards, you may transfer (add) funds onto your Osprey Card from your goStockton account and then use the card to pay for meals or to make purchases on-campus or at participating off-campus locations

IMPORTANT:  Before submitting the request, verify that there are funds available in your goStockton account that can be added (transferred) to your Osprey Card.  You may transfer up to $1000 to your Osprey Card each semester.  Excess financial aid funds (after disbursement) may be transferred to your Osprey Card.  If there are not sufficient funds in your account, you may need to Make a Payment before submitting the request.

Payments to your account can be made online (electronic check or credit card) from the Bursars/Payments tab in goStockton or in-person (cash or check) at the Bursar's Office (CC-202). 

Students may submit the Add Funds to Osprey Card online from goStockton on the Bursars/Payments tab or in-person at the Bursar's Office (CC-202).  Faculty and staff must submit the request in-person at the Bursars Office (CC-202).

  1. From go.stockton.edu
  2. Click on the Bursars/Payments tab
  3. Click on My Account/My Bill
  4. Choose the current term and click Submit
  5. Scroll down to view your Account Balance as of Today*
  6. Verify that there are sufficient funds available for transfer
    (Available funds will appear as a credit (a negative number).  If there is a zero balance, you will need to make a payment before proceeding)
  7. Go Back to the Bursars/Payments tab
  8. Click on Add Funds to Osprey Card (in the My ID box)
  9. Click on Submit Request
  10. Read the instructions and enter the appropriate amounts
  11. Click Submit

When making the request, you will need to designate whether the funds can be used for Restricted or Unrestricted purchases. 

RESTRICTED funds can only be used to purchase (or supplement a meal plan) at dining locations in the Campus Center, N-Wing, Lakeside and Seaview.

UNRESTRICTED funds can be used for purchases at all on-campus locations (restaurants, bookstores, box office, etc.) and participating off-campus locations.  Financial Aid funds can ONLY be designated as Unrestricted. 

Requests are processed daily.  Requests submitted after business hours, on weekends or holidays will be processed the next business day.  Cash cannot be withdrawn from the card and the funds cannot be removed once they have been transferred.  Funds carry over semester to semester until the student graduates or leaves the university at which time a refund check will be issued.


Your Osprey Card account is separate from your goStockton account and is managed through GetFood.  You may view your Osprey Card balance, track spending and report lost or stolen cards through GetFood.  First time users will need to create a GetFood account.

Lost or Stolen Card
Lost or stolen ID cards must be reported through GetFood and then to the Office of Student Records (CC-203) to obtain a new ID card.  There is a $25.00 fee for replace ID cards.