Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for an EOF grant, an applicant must satisfy the following criteria:

Residency: An applicant must demonstrate that he/she has been a legal resident of New Jersey for at least 12 months prior to receiving an EOF grant. In this case, legal New Jersey residency means that he/she does not live in New Jersey only for the purpose of obtaining an education. An applicant whose parents or guardians are not legal residents of New Jersey is presumed to be in the State for the temporary purpose of obtaining an education.

Academic : The applicant must exhibit evidence for potential success in college but cannot have demonstrated sufficient academic preparation to gain admission to Stockton University under its regular admissions criteria. The applicant's educational background must indicate a need to have special educational assistance; however, the applicant whose academic preparation qualifies him/her for non-EOF admission is still encouraged to apply under provisions of the program.

Financial : To be eligible for an EOF grant, a student must demonstrate that he or she meets the financial criteria established below as either a dependent or independent applicant.

Dependent Applicant : The dependent applicant is one who normally resides with his/her parents or guardians. 

students at commencement

The income of a dependent applicant's parents or guardians must not exceed the following limitations:

EOF Income Eligibility Scale

AY 2018-19

Household Size
Household Size Gross Income (Not to Exceed)
Asset Cap
1 $24,120 $4,824.00
2 $32,480 $6,496.00
3 $40,840 $8,168.00
4 $49,200 $9,840.00
5 $57,560 $11,512.00
6 $65,920 $13,184.00
7 $74,280 $14,856.00
8 $82,640 $16,528.00
For each additional member of the household add: $8,360   $1,672.00