Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Even with all the available information, questions about studying abroad and the process can still arise. Below are some frequently asked questions.

Please note, as per FERPA regulations, we cannot discuss student information with parents. 

A $200.00 fee for the University's matriculated students and a $300.00 fee for non-matriculated students is charged to cover the Overseas Study Program's administrative costs. 

This fee is required to participate in all education abroad programs. 

Providers require an application for study abroad to manage placements, scholarships, discounts, and course selection. Stockton has its own application process for our internal decision-making and to gather necessary information. Please note that application deadlines may vary between the provider and Stockton, so be sure to verify with your provider.

No, studying abroad should not delay graduation as long as you plan ahead. Working with your preceptor/academic advising, alongside staff at OGE should ensure you graduate on time. 

Yes, you will still be registered as an active student here at the University.

Yes! In fact, some providers will give additional discounts or credits for "study abroad buddies." Check with your provider for more info.
Studying abroad can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $9,000 for a summer session, and from $13,000 to the low $20,000 per semester (Spring/Fall). Faculty-Led programs are usually at a much lower cost. 
First year students must complete two consecutive semesters at Stockton before they are allowed to go abroad. Therefore, you can start applying during your second consecutive semester here. Transfer students' eligibility is based on the number of credits they bring in. Check with OGE to find out when you're eligible.
You should start applying the semester before you plan on studying away. For example, if you wish to study during the Spring (and are eligible to do so) then the prior Fall semester you would begin completing the Stockton application.
Yes, you can! You may apply up to a year in advance, though the prices may vary with more time between your application and your departure.
Finish all necessary forms uploaded to your account, finalize financial aid processes, complete pre-departure requirements, and keep in touch with OGE along the way! 
This will vary. Check if you need a visa here.