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Globalization Lecture Series

By introducing a variety of global topics across disciplines, the Global Lecture Series aim to support students to develop a global awareness as well as a broad and critical perspective of the global world, developments, and opportunities. GLS happens on Tuesdays or Thursdays between 4:30pm-5:30/6:00pm in F-111. 

These lectures usually last around 1 hour. Please see previous lectures herehttps://goo.gl/YJ8HvS

If you are interested in sharing your expertise and experience with the Stockton community, please click here. Please encourage your students to participate. Pizzas and drinks are available. 

If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact Dr. Reza Ghorashi or Dr. JY Zhou

GLS spring 2018


Global Studies Minor

The world that we live in is becoming closer with advancement of technology and increased knowledge and understanding of various nations, cultures and ethnicities. A “Global Vision” is one of the four pillars that Stockton considers in its 2020 Strategic Plan. The goal of ”globalizing” Stockton is to create a systematic approach to ensure that students are provided with the knowledge and skills to be able to function culturally, politically, and economically in a global society through a systematic infusion of international/global content into the curriculum.

Please see more information about our Global Studies Minor. Please contact the GSM Coordinator Dr. Janice Joseph for more ways to get involved. 


2020 Global Perspective Initiative Grant 

Stockton University initiated 2020 with a Steering Committee in Fall 2008. The committee facilitated the process that informed Stockton's strategy map, and Global Perspectives is one of the four strategic themes. Adapting a Balanced Scorecard approach, Stockton 2020 is an ongoing planning process. Four Initiative Teams are have been established; Learning, Engagement, Global Perspectives and Sustainability (LEGS).See the 2020 Themes Overview for information about these teams.

The 2020 LEGS Initiative Teams review ideas (from faculty, staff and students) and assist with developing proposals. Applications receiving Initiative Team support are forwarded to the 2020 Steering Committee for further review. When advancing proposals to the President for final consideration, the Steering Committee will recommend the appropriate shared governance or administrative pathway. Contact the 2020 LEGS Initiative Team Leaders below to develop your idea into a proposal - they will provide valuable guidance and feedback.

Please read more about the 2020 Initiatives grant and process


Globalization Get-Together e-Directory  

In May 2014, Dr. Lois Spitzer, Associate Professor of Education, and Dr. JY Zhou, Internationalization Specialist, held a Get-Together of all the players involved in globalization at Stockton. It was a great success. Seventeen faculty and staff members showed up and discussed their activities and expectations, and more people responded to the online survey. Please see the list below for the e-directory of the globalization Get-Together at Stockton.

Click contact Dr. JY Zhou if you'd be like to add your information to this e-directory. 

Donna Albano Associate Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management Studies course work -- curriculum content; advising -- study abroad / study tour, minor, exchange; More diversity in activities, course work, exposure
Luanne Anton Health Educator Looking at how other countries are affected / infected with HIV/AIDS; Possibly incorporated into a new course, Aromatherapy, that I hope to have scheduled in the spring.
Norma Boakes Associate Professor of Education I am considering ways we might prepare more globally aware novice teachers in the TEDU Program through international experiences.
Guia Calicdan-Apostle Assistant professor of Social Work I teach students who are learning about the Philippines. The activities and lessons that I offer to my students include culture, history, dance, music, and stories of oppression as well as successes and contributions of the Filipino people .The project that my students hope to complete by the end of the school year include life interviews of Filipinos who migrated to the USA.
Roberto Castillo Learning Designer and Techonology Trainer Have thought about it
Nancy T. Davis Professor of Pathology For 14 years I have taken students to Latin America. I take students to Latin America as part of a course.  I teach a general education course which is a study tour.  i find it extremely exciting as I see great growth in the students.  For amny years I took students to Mexico. Due to safety problems there, i am know going to Ecuador.
Weihong Fan Professor of Environmental Science We brought Stockton students to China for field study tours in 2010 guided by geologist from the Beijing Normal University (BNU). We invited BNU faculty and students for a three week filed study to the West of US in the summer of 2012. We are planning to go to Northwest China this year again.
Linda Feeney Academic Affairs Liaison for Accessibility and Assistive Technoklogy Work with faculty and JY
Reza Ghorashi Professor of Economics Teach courses
Alice Gitchell Energy Planner, Facilities Planning/Construction I want to encourage participation in IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience). http://www.iaeste.org/. IAESTE arranges work experiences for summer (8 weeks) and sometimes longer. It's really different from a short visit! Some volunteer activities are also available. I worked in Netherlands and Germany through IAESTE when I was a student. It was transformative.
Priti Haria Assistant Professor of Education In my EDUC 2241: Educating Children with/Special Needs, we incorporated "international" aspect in students assignment. they had to research abotu a specific disablity in US and their assigned countries. Students learn about how different countries and people think about special education. I also present at internatinal conferences for special education.
Michael Hayse Associate Professor of History 1) Lead study tours to Europe every two year (topic: Holocaust); 2) Teach about European history, with reference to imperialism, globalization, immigration, etc.; 3) support and encourage foreign language study; 4) Actively incite students to consider study abroad.
Melaku Lakew Professor Teach faculty lead courses and teach a range of internationally inclined courses. In co-curricular area I am also a co-founder of Books without Borders.
Lewis A. Leitner Dean, School of Graduate and Continuing Studies Worked with India on bringing ELS to campus. I am trying to attract international students to some of our graduate programs
Joe Lema Associate Professor I actively promote study abroad to students as an opportunity to broaden their possibilities.  Through my classes in hospitality and tourism management along with academic advising.
Alysia Mastrangelo Associate Professor of PT I do present my research with students at international venues.I have been exploring opportunities and I encourage my students to get involved in travel opportunities.
Daniel Moscovici Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Planning courses that will travel overseas
Kate Ogden Professor of Art History (1) I teach a number of courses that include art from other countries.  The most obvious is "World Art," but "Art History 1" includes Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, as well as Medieval Europe.  "Art History 2" includes Renaissance and Baroque art (Italy, Spain, and Northern Europe) as well as 18th and 19th century French art.  My course "19th Century Art" also includes French and Spanish art. (2) I encourage my students to travel abroad and have worked with several who did so to ensure that the courses they took would fulfill Stockton requirements.  (3) I have been considering teaching a travel abroad course.
Jacques Press Adjunct Instructor I would like to expose Stockton students on cultural differnences in risk-taking.
Madeline Quinn Seidenstricker Part-time program support for Global Engagement Director India Karavackas -Support for study abroad through faculty-led program; -support bringing international students to Stockton; -- sponsoring International Education Week.
Rain Ross Assistant Professor of Dance I help to coordinate an International Dance Festival in Lebanon.  If there were not a travel warning issued for the country, I would have students participate in the work I do for this festival.  Since it is unlikely that the travel warning will shift any time soon, I hope to find a way to bring a few of the dancers from Lebanon to Stockton to help foster greater international engagement.
Javier Sanchez Associte Professor I have taken students to Spain. I advise about study abroad programs and courses.
Rose Scaffidi Assistant Professor of Nursing Plan to work with Viki Schriller to teach students to Colombia
Rocky Severs Assistant Professor I take my Geology class (GEOL 3202), Hydrothermal Fluids and Ore Deposits, to Canada to visit the classic Sudbury ore body and several former pegmatite mines in the Bancroft, Ontario area. I'm probably going to be China as part of the Geology-Environmental Science summer course in July, 2014. I'm also going to be taking the Geology Club to the Atlantic Provinces of Canada in May 2015.  The first is included as a mandatory field trip for the GEOL 3202 class. It gives students first hand experience in a major mining district. The Geology Club trip to Newfoundland/Nova Scotia in May 2015 is currently in the planning stages, but the format for this trip will follow that of the usual Geology Club trips to the American Rockies/Southwest (Colorado in May 2014, Utah/Arizona in May 2013, Arizona/New Mexico in May 2012, etc.).
Amy Situ-Liu Associate Professor of Criminal Justice I teach a GIS class Modern China.  My students engaged in the international education week on compose and Chinese New Year celebration in the local Asian community. I have some new ideas about how to engage my students in international activities in the future.
Lois Spitzer Associate Professor of Education Faculty member of International Studies Minor, member and proposal reviewer of NAFSA (Association of International Educators); NAFSA Poster Fair Coordinator:Teaching, Knowledge and Research Community; member of ELO Study Group (2013-2014)-focused on Glboal Awareness ELO and the Internationalizing the Curriculum Institute (2014-2015).
Peter Straub Professor of Biology I will lead a Field course in Caribbean Biology to Curacao, this Fall/Winter 2014/2015.
Jongbok Yi Assistant Professor of Asian Philosophy Teaching Asian philosophies and cultures.
Tina Zappile Assistant Professor, POLS Hold and moderate Council on Foreign Relations Conference Call events on campus (1-4/semester); advise the Model UN student club; run the new Model UN Travel Team with JY Zhou (a 2020-funded program); bring small groups of student to UN headquarters to meet with NGO representatives and the Council on Foreign Relations "Back to School" student event in the fall semester (announced in my classes); arrange for students in classes and student groups to meet with various available speakers on campus (e.g. State Department officer, UN staff member, etc).
JY Zhou Internationalization Specialist  My work focuses on globlaizing the curriculum at Stockton. I work closely with faculty members from various disciplines on globalizing their courses. I have organized and also collaborated with various offices on promoting comprehensive internationalization at Stockton, such as the annual globalizing the curriculum summer institute, IFD brown bag talks, and co-curricular activities. I am also an active member in several international educators' organizations, incuding NAFSA, AIEA, CLAC, and AAC&U. 
Laura Zucconi Associate Professor of History

Not with students, only for my own research.