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Stockton University Model United Nations is a campus-wide program supported by Academic Affairs and Student Affairs.  An innovative experiential learning experience, academic sport clubs like Model UN bridge the gap between extracurricular and academic activities by increasing opportunities for our students to gain skills such as communicating complex issues concisely, dealing effectively with crises under a time constraint, working with people from a variety of backgrounds, solving challenges with creative solutions, and applying discipline-specific knowledge.

Experiences like Model UN are well-known by professionals in law, public policy, communication, and other fields for providing students the opportunity to gain these and other skills that are vital to compete in today’s workplace. Stockton’s Model UN program also seeks to improve awareness of foreign policy and international issues on campus and in the local community. Stockton Model UN participates in National Model UN (NMUN) conferences in the National Division. The National Division provides students with opportunities to interact and learn from professionals in the field as they setup sessions at the State Department, UN Headquarters, and smaller workshops with directors and leaders of regional and international organizations working in areas such as food security. These invaluable opportunities can also not be duplicated outside the conference experience. The conference experience is intense and learning-centered, allowing our students to develop skills while learning about global issues from different perspectives. [1]

Stockton Model UN is committed to advancing 21st Century Skills and many of Stockton's Essential Learning Outcomes. We are also committed to these professional values:

  • Promote the welfare and development of all MUN students, particularly new members

  • Adopt uniform and equitable standards for treating peers in the organization

  • Respond to constructive criticism by working to improve one’s capability in the area criticized

  • Assume personal responsibility for organizational decisions

  • Demonstrate empathy

  • Respect the rights, individuality, and diversity of thought of colleagues and students

  • Promote justice by demonstrating efforts to eliminate discrimination and judgment in this organization and other peer groups

  • Maintain peer relationships that do not exploit personal financial gain, privacy, or other advantages

  • Appreciate and respects the diverse nature of subjects/topics and honors these differences in working with them

  • Work collaboratively and respectfully within a team to the benefit of the organization or the contribution to committee work

  • Volunteer one’s skills and expertise for the welfare of the campus community & organization

  • Recognize one’s own limitations

  • Represent information and actions in a truthful way

Model UN Trip to China 2018

Stockton Model United Nations
International Travel Team
Xi’an, China
November 16-24, 2018

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