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Honarable Mention Delegation for the Republic of India

Outstanding Position Papers: India-UNIDO (Emily Rutter and Bryan Gonzalez-Mejia), India- GA (Axavier Dennis and Chioma Uka)

NMUN-NY 2018

Distinguished Delegation for Joint Japan MUN-Stockton Team Representing Austria

Distinguished Delegation for Stockton Team Representing Nicaragua

Outstanding Position Papers: Security Council-Kazakhstan (Alejandra Londono and Dario Colombo), CSocD-Austria (Olivia Norton and Sion Bang), GA3-Nicaragua (Allison Uhrick, Florence Hulbert, and Lexi Franklin), IOM-Nicaragua (Adjoa Cofie and Ali Samran), OPCW-Nicaragua (Emma Corcodilos and Dave Nevil), UNESCO-Nicaragua (Brian Moore and Jacinth Arthur), UNEA-Nicaragua (Allison Uhrick, Anthony Farfalla, and Nilanjana Das) 

NMUN-Galapagos 2018 

Distinguished Delegation for China

Outstanding Position Papers: UNESCO-China (Leighanna Ritter), UNESCO-Brazil (Alejandra Londono), & UNEA-China (Bright Wiafe)

Outstanding Delegates: UN-Habitat-China (Rebecca Hilbert), UNESCO-China (Leighanna Ritter), & UNESCO-Brazil (Alejandra Londono)

NMUN-DC 2017 

Distinguished Delegation for DPRK (North Korea)

Honorable Mention Delegation for Luxembourg

Outstanding Position Papers: GA1-Luxembourg, IAEA-Luxembourg (Emma Corcodilos), UNCTAD-Luxembourg, & UNEA-Luxembourg

NMUN-NY 2017 

Distinguished Delegation for Philippines

Outstanding Position Papers for GA2 & Alternate Security Council-B (Dom Tierno and Bill Watt)

NMUN-Japan 2016

Distinguished Delegation for United Kingdom

Outstanding Position Papers for Security Council (David Yoon and Rich Nuccio), General Assembly Plenary (Dom Tierno and Maryam Sarhan)

Outstanding Delegates for UNHCR (Nicole Mitchell and Angelo Bechara)

NMUN-NY 2016 

Distinguished Delegation for Finland

Outstanding Position Paper: UNIDO

NMUN-DC 2015 

Honorable Mention Delegation for Lebanon

NMUN-NY 2015

Distinguished Delegation for Chad

NMUN-Europe in Rome, Italy 2014

Outstanding Delegation for the Holy See

Distinguished Delegation for Nigeria

Best Delegates UNHCR

NMUN-NY 2014

Honorable Mention Delegation for Madagascar

NMUN-DC 2013

Honorable Mention Delegation for South Africa


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