Stockton's Biology (BIOL) courses emphasize the diversity of life-forms that have evolved and the wide range of levels at which they can be studied: molecular to ecosystem. Many courses have laboratory and/or field components, and seminar, tutorial or independent project modes of instruction are also utilized.

The program takes advantage of the University's 1,600-acre setting in the New Jersey Pine Barrens close to the Atlantic Ocean. It is an area rich with diverse terrestrial, estuarine and marine habitats. Nearby are the Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge and many other federal, state, county and private wildlife preserves. The laboratory complex includes a greenhouse, animal rooms, environmental growth chambers, computer apparatus for physiological studies, light microscopes of many descriptions, plant and animal tissue culture facilities, and modern biological instrumentation including centrifuges, thermocyclers, and instrumentation for automated DNA sequencing.




Get Involved

The Biology Program offers a number of opportunities for students to get involved in various areas of interest outside of the classroom. 



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