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    Service-Learning Graduates

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    National Voter Registration Day

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    Make a Difference Day

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it's the only thing that ever does."- Margaret Mead


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What is the Office of Service-Learning?

The Office of Service-Learning provides the Students, Faculty/Staff and Community Partners of the Stockton University community with opportunities to engage in "Service with a Purpose". Our reciprocal relationships allow Stockton the ability to work with our communities and neighborhoods through classroom and co-curricular activities.

What is a Bonner Leader?  How do I become one?

Bonner Leaders are civically engaged and community focused student leaders at Stockton.  They receive a stipend for serving 8-10 hours per week, often as part of Federal Work Study funds.  They focus on specific issue areas, such as hunger and homelessness, literacy and learning, environmental justice, political engagement, or health and wellness.  They often partner with a community organization who is also focused on these issues, serving at that location for some of their weekly hours.  They consider on and off campus solutions to the issue they are most interested in, and organize students through service-learning classes, clubs and organizations to be part of the solution.  Bonner Leaders are part of a national cohort of Bonner Leaders and Scholars, supported through The Bonner Foundation, based in Princeton, NJ.  There is an application process to become a Bonner Leader, and any Stockton student interested in social justice and becoming an agent of change is welcome to apply.

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What is a Changebuilder?

Changebuilders are Stockton University students invested in service in their local community and committed to enhancing their academic learning with hands-on experience with local organizations working on deeply rooted struggles.  For example, a Stockton Changebuilder who is an education major will commit to working in a local afterschool program 8-10 hours per week to gain real world experience and connect to being part of the solution.  Organized through the Office of Service-Learning, Changebuilders are motivated to serve for many different reasons.  Support, facilitated reflection, and training are all part of the wraparound guidance that the Office of Service-Learning provides to Changebuilders.

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