Faculty and Adjuncts


Robert Blaskiewicz, Jr.

Robert Blaskiewicz, Jr., Assistant Professor of Critical Thinking and First Year Studies

Frank Cerreto

Frank Cerreto, Professor of Mathematics

x4631 | G-241
Young Doo "Peter" Cho

Young Doo "Peter" Cho, Associate Professor of Mathematics and First Year Studies

x5536 | J-219
Joseph Cirio

Joseph Cirio, Assistant Professor of Writing & First-Year Studies

 x4440 | H-224
Judy Copeland

Judy Copeland, Associate Professor of Writing

x4862 |  C-105
Pam Cross

Pam Cross, Writing Center Coordinator

x4899 | J-105i 
Emari DiGiorgio

Emari DiGiorgio, Professor of Writing  

626-3463 | J-105f 
Daniel Ehrenfeld

Daniel Ehrenfeld,  Assistant Professor of Writing and First Year Studies

 652-4794 | C144
Ms. Lauren M. Fonseca

Ms. Lauren M. Fonseca, Tutoring Center Specialist/Coordinator of Academic Support

652-4553 | J-107
Marcia Fiedler

Marcia Fiedler, Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies

x6087 | J-111 
Wondi Geremew

Wondi Geremew, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and First Year Studies

626-3520 | J-112
Geoffrey W. Gust

Geoffrey W. Gust, Assistant Professor of Critical Thinking and First Year Studies 

652-4491 | H-219
Edward Horan

Edward Horan, Tutoring Center Specialist:Coordinator for Graduate and First-Year Student Support and AC Projects

x4313 | J-108
Carra Hood

Carra Hood, Associate Provost for Programs and Planning and Associate Professor of Writing

622-4606 | K-201c
Aleksondra Hultquist

Aleksondra Hultquist, Assistant Professor of Critical Thinking and First-Year Studies 

x4284 | F-124
Mariam Hussein

Mariam Hussein,  Visiting Instructor of Mathematics & First Year Studies

 x3152 | E-216e
Marcy Isabella

Marcy Isabella, Assistant Professor of Writing and First Year Studies

x4412  |  H-221
Steve Marcus

Steve Marcus, Coordinator Holocaust & Genocide Dual Credit Consortia

x4699 | HRC
Heather McGovern

Heather McGovern, Associate Professor of Writing

x5575 | J-105g
Betsy McShea

Betsy McShea, Associate Professor of Mathematics and First Year Studies

x4568 | J-105h
Richard M. Miller

Richard M. Miller, Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies

626-3519 | K-115
Ann E. Millin

Ann E. Millin, Ida E. King Distinguished Visiting Scholar of Holocaust Studies

626-4302 | G-231
Francis Nzuki

Francis Nzuki, Associate Professor of Mathematics

626-6881 | C-148
John O'Hara

John O'Hara, Associate Professor of Critical Thinking andFirst Year Studies 

x4249 | C-141
Garrison Paige

Garrison Paige, Visiting Instructor of Africian Studies

x4356 | K-140
Luis Peña

Luis Peña, Math Center Coordinator

x4897 | J-105c
Nancy Reddy

Nancy Reddy, Assistant Professor of Writing and First Year Studies

 X4440 |  J-111
Emily Ryan

Emily Ryan, Visiting Instructor of Mathematics & First Year Studies

x4445 | H-202
Thierry Saintine

Thierry Saintine, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and First Year Studies

 X4794 |  C-144
Leanne Sims

Leanne Sims, Dr. Vera King Farris Visting Assistant Professor

 X3151 |  E-216e
Siobahn Suppa

Siobahn Suppa, Assistant Professor of Mathematics & First Year Studies

X3143 | F-134
Robert Steele

Robert Steele, Director of Media Instruction

x3831 | J-102
Emily VanDuyne

Emily VanDuyne,  Assistant Professor of Writing and FIrst Year Studies 

x4543 | E-296
Elisa Von Joeden-Forgey

Elisa Von Joeden-Forgey, Associate Professor in Holocaust and Genocide Studies

x3824 | F-214
Lisa Youngblood

Lisa Youngblood, Instructor of Writing and First Year Studies

 x4416 |  B-121


Jack Connor

Jack Connor, Emeritus Professor of Writing

Penelope Dugan

Penelope Dugan, Emerita Professor of Writing

William Jaynes

William Jaynes, Emeritus Professor of Social Work, Africana Studies


GeorgeannLenard, Emerita Professor of Writing

Marcia Sachs Littell

Marcia Sachs Littell, Professor Emerita of Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Carol Rittner

Carol Rittner, Distinguished Professor Emerita of Holocaust and Genocide Studies and the Dr. Marsha Raticoff Grossman Emerita Professor of Holocaust Studies  

Wendi Brown

Wendi Brown,  Adjunct

Joseph Carroll

Joseph Carroll,  Adjunct

Stephanie Cawley

Stephanie Cawley,  Adjunct

Douglas Cervi

Douglas Cervi,  Adjunct

Patricia Chappine

Patricia Chappine,  Adjunct

Martin Coppola

Martin Coppola,  Adjunct

Jin Cordaro

Jin Cordaro,  Adjunct

Joseph Costal

Joseph Costal,  Adjunct

Deborah Dagavarian

Deborah Dagavarian,  Adjunct

Johanna Deane

Johanna Deane,  Adjunct

Jane Denny

Jane Denny, Adjunct

Michael Dickerman

Michael Dickerman,  Adjunct

Margaret Doran

Margaret Doran,  Adjunct

Lydia Fecteau

Lydia Fecteau, Adjunct

Carol Ferguson

Carol Ferguson,  Adjunct

Robert Fierstein

Robert Fierstein, Adjunct

Levi Fox

Levi Fox,  Adjunct

John Gazo

John Gazo,  Adjunct

Victor Gazzara

Victor Gazzara, Adjunct

Gordon Geller

Gordon Geller,  Adjunct

Louise Gorham-Neblett

Louise Gorham-Neblett,  Adjunct

Kimberly Gregg

Kimberly Gregg, Adjunct

Zoey Guarino

Zoey Guarino, Adjunct

Anna-Maria Guevara

Anna-Maria Guevara,  Adjunct

Ana Hartman

Ana Hartman,  Adjunct

Mark Hattman

Mark Hattman,  Adjunct

Melissa Holzman

Melissa Holzman, Adjunct

Matthew Hone

Matthew Hone, Adjunct

Mary Johnson

Mary Johnson,  Adjunct

Patricia Keeper

Patricia Keeper, Adjunct

Shannon Keough

Shannon Keough, Adjunct

Thomas Kluxen

Thomas Kluxen, Adjunct

Helene Krupnick

Helene Krupnick, Adjunct

Nicholas Leonetti

Nicholas Leonetti, Adjunct


MaryannMcLoughlin-ODonnell, Adjunct

Michael Miller

Michael Miller,  Adjunct

Robert Morris

Robert Morris, Adjunct

Richard O’Brien

Richard O’Brien,  Adjunct

Thomas O'Donnell

Thomas O'Donnell, Adjunct

Maxine Patroni

Maxine Patroni, Adjunct

Chad Parlett

Chad Parlett,  Adjunct

Anat Plocker

Anat Plocker, Adjunct

 Jennifer Robinson

 Jennifer Robinson, Adjunct

Tara Ronda

Tara Ronda,  Adjunct

Toby Rosenthal

Toby Rosenthal,  Adjunct

Christine Salvatore-Smith

Christine Salvatore-Smith,  Adjunct

Kaleem Shabazz

Kaleem Shabazz,  Adjunct

Eve Siebert

Eve Siebert, Adjunct

Damon Smith

Damon Smith,  Adjunct

Rosemary Sprouls

Rosemary Sprouls,  Adjunct

Denise Stringer

Denise Stringer,  Adjunct

Elaine Sullivan

Elaine Sullivan,  Adjunct

Kara Teehan

Kara Teehan, Adjunct

Calvin Tesler

Calvin Tesler,  Adjunct

David VonRoehm

David VonRoehm, Adjunct

Charles Weisbecker

Charles Weisbecker, Adjunct

David Weiss

David Weiss, Adjunct

Rona Whitehead

Rona Whitehead,  Adjunct

Merin Willey

Merin Willey, Adjunct