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President's Message


A Message from President Harvey Kesselman

As Stockton approaches its 50th anniversary in 2021, occasions such as commencement allow us time to reflect on our incredible growth and look ahead to our future. Earlier this year, we recognized a significant moment in our history when legislation establishing Stockton was passed in 1969. This spring, we celebrated several milestones, including the graduation of the inaugural class of the Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership.

During his student address at the Doctoral and Master’s Commencement on May 7, Brian McBride Ed.D. ’19, reflected on the idea of teamwork, including the collective efforts of the visionaries who founded Stockton in 1969.

“Over the last 50 years teams of people have taken many steps to expand that dream into what is Stockton University today,” said McBride, superintendent for the Palmyra New Jersey School District. “We, the soon-to-be graduates of Stockton University, represent the change those leaders envisioned.  Our teamwork keeps the dream moving forward.”

This issue of Stockton Now celebrates Stockton “founders” – the visionaries who were part of Stockton’s beginnings and current alumni, including Jonathan Carr ’07 and Niki Giberson ’78, who have pursued their own entrepreneurial dreams. Throughout these pages, you will also read about the experiences of the founding Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership cohort and the vision of Stockton’s first full-time rowing coach John Bancheri, as well as new University initiatives designed to provide opportunities for women and first-generation students to succeed.

As we embrace our future, these stories remind us of the ingredients for success: vision, teamwork and strength.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue of Stockton Now.

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Dr. Harvey Kesselman, President 
Stockton University