Stockton in Atlantic City: Faculty FAQ

Atlantic City Gateway

The new Stockton University campus in Atlantic City is conveniently located at the intersection of Atlantic, Albany and Pacific Avenues, with apartments for over 500 students overlooking the beach and the Boardwalk. The University plans to open the Atlantic City campus in August 2018.

Provided below are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that will better acclimate you to teaching at the Atlantic City campus.  The FAQs will be updated as more information becomes available, so please check back on a regular basis.  Stockton aims to open the Fall 2018 semester offering 80 to 100 courses at the Atlantic City campus.  At full capacity, the building can hold 160 courses. 

Building Occupancy Chart


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Stockton’s goal is to schedule between 80 and 100 courses per semester in the 2018-19 academic year that will include a broad range of options from across the curriculum, including General Studies.  The faculty from the undergraduate programs in Business, Hospitality and Tourism Management Studies, Sociology, Anthropology and a new program in Civic Leadership and Community Engagement have indicated their desire to offer portions of their undergraduate programming there and will have a strong presence.  We encourage innovation and experimentation.  Anyone wishing to teach in Atlantic City should discuss this with their program coordinator, dean, and assistant dean and are encouraged to indicate this desire during the course selection and assignment process.

Three graduate programs will be offered there in their entirety:

  • M.A. in Social Work
  • Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership
  • M.A. in Education Program Alternate—Certificate of Eligibility

It depends on the day.  Click here for the Atlantic City module schedule. 

Courses offered on Tuesday and Thursday will be on exactly the same schedule as those currently offered in Galloway.

There will, however, be no Monday/Wednesday/Friday option.  Instead, courses will be offered in one-hour-and-fifty-minute modules on Monday and Wednesday. 

Fridays are available for experimentation.  It would be the ideal day for face-to-face portions of a hybrid course, for an applied or experiential learning course that combines field work and classroom study, or for a once-a-week seminar.  You are encouraged to be creative!

Evening and weekend teaching schedules are also available.

The Atlantic City academic building has fourteen classrooms, each designed to hold a standard undergraduate class of 35 students.  Three of these rooms are also computer labs with retractable computer screens; the remaining classrooms will be outfitted with movable furniture to ensure that they can be set up in a variety of ways to facilitate different kinds of learning experiences and teaching styles. 

Two additional 35-seat classrooms are available in the residence hall across Atlantic Avenue from the academic building.  These rooms can either be used individually or opened into one larger space that can accommodate up to 80 people.

Meeting rooms of different sizes are available on all three levels of the academic building—designed to accommodate study groups, club meetings, or even smaller seminar classes.  The largest of these facilities is a 20-person meeting/seminar room on the building’s third floor.

The academic building will have 28 faculty offices, divided between the second and third floors.  Their uses will vary.  Some faculty have expressed interest in making Atlantic City their primary academic home.  In these cases, their office in Atlantic City will be their sole office; they will no longer have an office in Galloway.

Other programs have asked to reserve a number of offices-- for example, 2 or 3-- for faculty to use for a semester or a year.  These faculty will retain their Galloway offices.  Please note, the Galloway office will be used by visiting faculty or instructors for the semester or year such faculty are in Atlantic City.  More information about office assignments and possible storage for those faculty assigned offices in Atlantic City for a semester or a year will become available as the course scheduling process solidifies. 

Faculty assigned office space in Atlantic City would meet their preceptees at this location.  Those assigned office space in the Galloway campus would meet with preceptees on main campus.   All other matters pertaining to precepting remain governed by the Master Agreement.

Stockton’s Atlantic City campus is located 12 miles from Galloway, and we are creating a number of mechanisms for making that commute as simple as possible.

The commute is about 20 to 25 minutes by car, either via the White Horse Pike (Rte. 30) or the Garden State Parkway to the Atlantic City Expressway to Black Horse Pike (Rte. 40).

The academic building will have more than 100 designated faculty/staff parking spaces behind the building.

Stockton is also developing a shuttle system to link the locations together.  The final number of shuttles, and the exact timing of their schedule, cannot be finalized until we know how many courses (and, by extension, how many faculty and students) are at the Atlantic City location during any given time module.  But, there will be several shuttles running each hour.  There will also be multiple shuttles running at “peak” periods (such as 8:00 am) departing from both the Galloway and Atlantic City campuses.

Staff are working on plans for the transportation schedule in the evenings and weekends; the goal is to ensure that students, faculty, and staff will be able to take advantage of both the curricular and extra-curricular activities in these locations.

Stockton University will provide academic and student support utilizing services from the Library, Registrar, Bursar, Academic Advising, and Tutoring.  A specific schedule for when services will be available throughout the academic year will be published in Summer 2018. 

We are also consulting with Wellness staff (e.g. Counseling, Learning Access, Wellness Education) to assess how they can best deliver services at the Atlantic City campus.  An AtlantiCare Urgent Care will provide medical services to Stockton students commensurate with services provided on the Galloway campus.  The Urgent Care will be located on the ground floor of the parking garage, adjacent to the residential building. 

The AtlantiCare Urgent Care will also service faculty and staff using their respective insurance plans.  Specific hours of operation will be published in Summer 2018. 

Based on current crime statistics for Atlantic City, the Chelsea neighborhood where Stockton’s campus is located is one of the safest neighborhoods and sections within the City.  Moreover, the Atlantic City Police Department advised Stockton University that crime is typically concentrated in certain pockets of the City, which are not located near the campus. 

The residential building and other areas within the campus will be accessible only via swipe card.  Security will be located on the premises 24/7.  Stockton’s Police Department and Atlantic City Police Department are working together to develop best practices and other standard operating procedures in the event of emergencies, situations, etc.

We are committed to providing a safe environment to live and learn in Atlantic City. Safety and related procedures are being discussed and developed.

Concepts that have been discussed for the café/dining space in the academic building in Atlantic City include:

  • Promoting healthy lifestyle options including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free items

  • Signature sandwiches using locally produced Atlantic City bread

  • Specialty burgers, subs and hand cut fries

  • Artisanal pizza and various pastas (including healthy options)

  • Grab and go sandwiches, wraps, salads and snacks

  • Premium coffee, lattes, espresso, teas and more

Café/dining options at the Atlantic City campus will include both a casual dining restaurant as well as a premium coffee shop located on the Boardwalk in the residential building. In addition, a campus bookstore/ convenience store may also have limited grab and go offerings and household essentials for the student residential apartments.

The University is currently in negotiations to bring a branded coffee shop and a restaurant in the retail spaces located along the Boardwalk. A third retail space along Atlantic Avenue will likely be a combination of a campus bookstore and convenience store. All retail spaces will also be open to the public. 

Atlantic City has many wonderful, diverse dining options. Within the Chelsea neighborhood, where the Atlantic City campus is located, there are a number of great local dining options, from pizza, burgers and wings, to Mexican and Italian, Vietnamese and Chinese, to seafood and fine dining. Many of these places also offer takeout and delivery. There are nearby stores and businesses within walking distance from the Atlantic City campus including: a Super Rite Aid pharmacy, a local grocery store, a bank, a gym, a carwash, a bookstore, a barbershop, and several other small businesses and shops. 

Child care may be offered at the Atlantic City campus in the future if and when specialized space becomes available and a demonstrable need arises.  Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to explore child care provided by local providers in and around the City.

We hope so, and are planning for it!  In addition to standard classrooms and meeting spaces, the academic building has an event hall that can accommodate up to 244 people, depending on seating arrangements.

Both campus and public events will be scheduled in this room.  Stockton already has a strong community engagement and service learning presence in the city, and plans to work with our partners to build on that foundation in this location.