Emergency Text-Messaging Notification System

Students Are Urged to "Opt In"

 All students can now "opt in" to the new University emergency text-messaging system, which enables a limited number of campus administrators to send urgent text messages to subscribers' cell phones in the event of an emergency.   

To subscribe, log into goStockton, go to the Student Services tab, then to the Personal Information channel, click on Update Emergency Text Messaging Contacts, and provide contact information.  

 Background Information

Stockton selected text messaging as a preferred medium of communication over voice messaging because text messaging can be more rapidly transmitted to a large number of recipients.  Moreover, terse messages are less burdensome to public telephone networks, which can sometimes become overwhelmed by the high volume of voice calls that often ensue during emergencies. 
Stockton’s rapid text messaging service is one of several notification tools that the University has available for emergency communications.  Stockton’s other emergency broadcast services include: cable television, email, Internet web site postings, electronic message boards,  campus PBX voice messaging to dormitory and office telephones, and an electronic classroom notification service, which automatically turns on video projectors in campus classrooms and displays emergency notices.