Emergency Loan Program


This program offers students a no fee, no interest loan with a 45 day grace period for repayment. Disbursements are done Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Loans are limited to $750.

Only one emergency loan will be permitted each semester. Students making multiple requests may be required to meet with a staff member prior to authorization.



  • Must be currently enrolled
  • Must not have a balance with the University
  • Must not have an outstanding emergency loan


 If you anticipate a refund from Financial Aid for the semester in which you apply for the loan, the loan amount will be repaid from the proceeds. If no refund is anticipated, you will be responsible to pay the balance to the Bursar's office within 45 days of receipt of the emergency loan.

 *** Please note, if the balance is not paid in full within 45 days, your account will be subject to a late fee and/or a HOLD will be placed on your account, making you ineligible for registration and receipt of other official University documents.

For any questions, please contact Monica Viani at monica.viani@stockton.edu.