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The Student Relief Fund is designed as a one-time financial assistance program to assist undergraduate students experiencing an unexpected or unavoidable financial crisis which stands to impede their educational progress.

Examples of an unexpected or unavoidable financial crisis may include:

  • Emergencies (car repairs/accident, home fire, flood, family illness/death, etc.)
  • Outstanding educational balances or educational-related expenses 

The following criteria must be met to in order to receive assistance from the Student Relief Fund:

  • Enrolled in the current semester at time of application with at least one full semester completed at Stockton University
  • Earned a minimum of 64 credits toward an undergraduate degree 
  • Must be a matriculated student
  • Have not yet earned a bachelors degree
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Be in good judicial standing
  • Minimal to no financial aid options

Note: Exceptions to these criteria can be made in response to an emergency situation or catastrophic event. In such cases, assistance provided must cover a cost related directly to the emergency. Examples might include, but are not limited to: Educational supplies or clothing lost in a fire, temporary campus housing for students experiencing housing insecurity, car repair for commuter students, or any other expense which directly impacts a student's educational needs. 

Books/course supplies: Students not meeting the established criteria listed above may be eligible to receive a one time award up to $200 for book/course supplies if no immediate financial options are available.


For more information on how to apply for support from the Student Relief Fund, please contact:


Dr. Craig Stambaugh

Dr. Craig Stambaugh

Assistant Vice President, Student Engagement and Community Development
Monica Viani

Monica Viani

Assistant Supervisor, Student Engagement and Community Development
609-652-1776 X 5781