Stockton Advising Council

The Stockton Advising Council was created to serve as an advisory board for The Center for Academic Advising. They give counsel to The Center for Academic Advising on any issues concerning preceptorial advising at Stockton.

The purpose of the Stockton Advising Council is to:

  1. Promote excellence in the employment of best practices in academic advising
  2. Support the growth and development of advising and advisors
  3. Foster awareness of the relevance and importance of advising in our students, faculty, staff, and administration
  4. Raise the level of discourse about advising on our campus, including the notion of advising as teaching
  5. Heighten awareness of the purpose of the Stockton Advising Council throughout the campus

The Stockton Advising Council serves as a liaison to other faculty and staff in their school or office. Each person serves for a two-year term. During the second year a new member is mentored by the current member who will then rotate off. Stockton Advising Council members welcome your input about any type of advising issues.

Best Practices in Preceptorial Advising Document

January 31, 2014, the Stockton Advising Council endorsed a document (click here to view) which outlines a vision, and mision for preceptorial advising at Stockton. The document also outlines what best practices in advising looks like from the point of view of preceptor and preceptee. 

  • Beau Hancock, 1st year
  • Bevin Song, 1st year
  • Christopher diSanto, 2nd year
  • Joseph Lema, extended term
  • Naz Onel, 1st year
  • Helen Wei, 2nd year
  • Sandy Chen, extended term
  • Meg White, 1st year
  • Stacey Culleny, EDUC advisor
  • Jung Lee, extended term
  • Kate Juliani, EDUC advisor
  • John Gray, Assistant Dean
  • Robert Blaskiewicz, 1st year
  • Marcy Isabella, 2nd year
  • Barry Pemberton, 1st year
  • Steven Kalman, 2nd year
  • Cheryl Vaughn-Jones, Assistant Dean, 2nd year
  • Lauren Belasco, 1st year
  • Rachel Kirzner, 2nd year
  • Michele Previti, 1st year
  • Anthony Dissen, 2nd year
  • Kerri Sowers, extended term
  • Ariane Newman, Asst. Dean
  • Dana DeFiore
  • Maralyn Mason, Director
  • G.T. Lenard
  • Carra Hood
  • Dina Yankelewitz
  • Betsy McShea
  • Marcia Fiedler
  • Claire Lopatto
  • Emily van Duyne
  • Lauren Fonseca
  • Mark Mallett
  • Jo'el Ludovich
  • Michelle McDonald
  • Adam Miyashiro
  • Arnaldo Cordero-Roman
  • Yongbok Yi
  • Hannah Ueno
  • Nancy Messina
  • Caitlin Pittenger
  • Norma Boakes
  • Lois Spitzer
  • Amy Ackerman
  • Susan Cydis
  • Ronnie Tinsley
  • Pam Vaughan
  • Priti Haria
  • Amy Hadley
  • Maritza Jauregui
  • Joyce Welliver
  • Margaret Slusser
  • Joan Perks
  • Ron Caplan
  • Mary Padden-Denmead
  • Kerri Sowers
  • Tara Luke
  • Mark Sullivan
  • Jessie Jarvis
  • Neil Aaronson
  • Ellis Benjamin
  • Earl Benjamin
  • Chia-Liu Wu
  • Anna Pfeiffer-Herbert
  • Donna Albano
  • Aakash Taneja
  • Debbie Corbin
  • Vincent Cicirello
  • Michael Busler
  • Diane Holtzman
  • Esther Lawrence
  • Joe Lema
  • Sandy Chen
  • Marissa Levy
  • Mark Berg
  • William Cabin
  • Michael Rodriguez
  • MaryBeth Sherrier
  • Ellen Mutari
  • Christine Gayda-Chelder
  • Betsy Erbaugh
  • Nazia Kazi
  • Pat Donahue