Instant Decision Days

Instant Decision Days for New Students! Visit campus, make personal connections, apply for admission and walk away with a Stockton University admissions one day!

Instant Decision Days
Stockton is proud to offer Instant Decision Days (IDD) for academically talented high school seniors! IDD offer you the opportunity to connect with University administrators, deans, faculty and students, learn first-hand about academic, social and campus life AND walk away with your admissions acceptance -  all on one day!

IDD space is limited and by reservation only!   



October 26

November 9

November 30

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  • High school senior, grade 12, as of September 2018
    Expected graduation June 2019
  • 1200+ SAT combined score (Evidence-Based Reading & Writing + Math) or
    25+ ACT composite score
  • Top 20% class rank 
    as calculated end of junior year 
    (if your school does not rank, an equivalent GPA is required) 
  • IDD application signed by your school counselor and faxed to the Admissions Office

At the end of the day you will receive:

  • Letter of acceptance for admission to Stockton University for Fall 2019!
  • Scholarship award if eligible.

This is a non-binding decision. You are under no obligation to submit an enrollment deposit. You have until May 1, 2019, to confirm acceptance for Fall 2019.

Once we receive your IDD application we will notify you of eligibility, IDD date and additional documentation you will need to bring with you on your assigned date. Parents are welcome to accompany you, meet with Stockton staff and get "parent" questions answered.

Transfer Instant Admission Decisions

New Transfer Students who meet set criteria have the opportunity to receive an instant admission decision by appointment only. Each appointment lasts 15-30 minutes during which time your application and transcripts will be reviewed and an admission decision made. If you meet the following criteria, call the Admissions Office for your Instant Admission appointment!

Required Documents*

  • Completed paper Transfer Application (download)
    Applications submitted online will not be eligible for an instant admission decision
  • $50 application fee
  • Official transcripts from ALL colleges attended
  • Proof of high school graduation or GED

Qualifications to Participate*

  • Cumulative GPA 2.5 or higher
    Cumulative means all semesters from all transcripts from all institutions will be used to calculate GPA
  • 32 earned non-basic skills transfer credits by date of appointment


  • Call the Admissions Office: 609-652-4261
    or 866-772-2885
  • Request appointment for Transfer Instant Decision with the Coordinator of Transfer Admissions


*No exceptions. All qualifications must be met; all materials must be presented. Otherwise, an admission decision will not be rendered on the day of appointment.



Note: Nursing applicants will not receive a Nursing decision on the day of appointment. The Nursing program will follow with a Nursing decision at a later date.