SCOSA Leadership

David C. Burdick,  Ph.D., Professor of Psychology

David C. Burdick,  Ph.D., Professor of Psychology,  Director

609-652-4311 (fax: 609-626-3620)  |  F-231, Main Campus
Christine Ferri, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology

Christine Ferri, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, Assistant Director

609-761-1256 | Atlantic City Campus, AC-317c SOBL
Gina Maguire, MSW, LSW

Gina Maguire, MSW, LSW, Professional Services Specialist: Coordinator of SCOSA Older Adult Programs

609-626-5590 | F-227, Galloway Campus
Karen Rose, Ph.D.

Karen Rose, Ph.D., Temporary Employment Specialist (TES): Age Friendly University Champion

F-227, Galloway Campus
Michaelle Cooke, BS, MBA

Michaelle Cooke, BS, MBA, Temporary Employment Specialist (TES): Stockton Institute for Lifelong Learning and SCOSA generalist

F-227, Galloway Campus
Patricia W. Collins, MA/OM

Patricia W. Collins, MA/OM, SCOSA Community Engagement Liaison

609-652-4456 | B-108, Main Campus
Christine Gayda-Chelder, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology

Christine Gayda-Chelder, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology, Education and Service Chair

609-626-6075 | C-139, Main Campus
Lisa Cox, Ph.D., Professor of Social Work

Lisa Cox, Ph.D., Professor of Social Work, Research Advisor

609-652-4310 | F-126, Main Campus

A Community Advisory Board has assisted in planning and operating the Center. While the formal board has been inactive in recent years, board structure, function, and membership are under review in 2021.

The current board includes:


Click Here and then on Gerontology. (GERO) Minor

SCOSA joins Stockton’s Gerontology Program in honoring and thanking faculty retirees who have supported gerontological education, Stockton’s gerontology program and the establishment of SCOSA.  Linda Aaronson (Professor Emerita of Nursing) and Nancy Davis (Professor Emerita of Pathology, former Dean of Professional Studies, now member of the Stockton Board of Trustees) both began teaching Introduction to Gerontology and Aging and Health in the mid-1980s and continued for nearly 20 years until teaching and administrative needs in Nursing forced them to curtail their GERO teaching.  William Jaynes (Professor Emeritus of Social Work and African American Studies and former Acting Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences) taught Aging and the Family for over 20 years, and the late Ralph Werner (Associate Professor of Biology) who taught Biology of Aging for nearly a decade.

Linda Aronson

Nancy Davis

William Jaynes

Ralph Wermer