Role of the Board

The role of Stockton’s Board of Trustees (Board) encompasses a wide-range of responsibilities in its provision of oversight to the University. Committed to the practice of good governance, the Board exercises its powers and duties granted to it by law, with integrity and transparency, to ensure the fulfillment of the University mission and protect the legacy of the institution.

Academic Quad

President Joe speaking at a board meeting

Trustees in the Career Center

Full scope of duties: NJ Rev Stat § 18a:64-6 (2018)

The board of trustees of a State University shall have general supervision over and shall be vested with the conduct of the University. It shall have the power and duty to:

  • Adopt and use a corporate seal
  • Determine the educational curriculum and program of the University consistent with the programmatic mission of the institution
  • Determine policies for the University
  • Study the educational and financial needs of the University; prepare and present the annual budget to the Governor and the Legislature in accordance with law
  • Disburse all moneys appropriated to the University by the Legislature and all moneys received from tuition, fees, auxiliary services and other sources
  • Direct and control expenditures and transfers of funds appropriated to the University and tuition received by the University, in accordance with the provisions of the State budget and appropriation acts of the Legislature. All accounts of the University shall be subject to audit by the State at any time
  • In accordance with the provisions of the State budget and appropriation acts of the Legislature, appoint and fix the compensation of a President of the University, who shall be the executive officer of the University and an ex officio member of the board of trustees, without vote, and shall serve at the pleasure of the board of trustees
  • Upon nomination by the president, appoint the academic, administrative and teaching staffs as defined in section 13 of P.L.1986, c.42 (C.18A:64-21.2) and fix their compensation
  • Upon nomination by the president, appoint, remove, promote and transfer such other officers, agents or employees as may be required for carrying out the purposes of the University
  • Grant diplomas, certificates and degrees
  • Pursuant to the provisions of the "State University Contracts Law," P.L.1986, c.43 (C.18A:64-52 et seq.) enter into contracts and agreements for the purchase of lands, buildings, equipment, materials, supplies and services which are deemed necessary or advisable by the board for carrying out the purposes of the University
  • Adopt, after consultation with the president and faculty, bylaws and make and promulgate such rules, regulations and orders, not inconsistent with the provisions of this article, that are necessary and proper for the administration and operation of the University and the carrying out of its purposes
  • Establish fees for housing and food sufficient for the operation, maintenance, and rental of student housing and food service facilities
  • Fix and determine tuition rates and other fees to be paid by students
  • Acquire by gift, purchase, condemnation or otherwise, own, lease, dispose of, use and operate property, whether real, personal or mixed, or any interest therein, which is necessary or desirable for University purposes
  • Borrow money for the needs of the University
  • Authorize any new program, educational department or school consistent with the institution's programmatic mission