Important Safety Reminders

Please familiarize yourself with this information:

Reporting Emergencies, Crimes and Other Incidents
We encourage all persons on our campus to report emergencies, accidents, and crimes by dialing 911, and other incidents to the Stockton Campus Police Department by dialing 652-4390. Persons may also report incidents in person at Police Headquarters, located on Vera King Farris Drive across from Housing IV.
The University has installed emergency call boxes/blue light units throughout the campus for use in an emergency. By pressing the red button on the unit, users can directly communicate with the Police Department’s Communications Center. The location of each emergency call box is automatically displayed to the Communications Operator, when this button is activated.
Living on Campus
Residents should report all emergencies, suspicious individuals whom they believe do not belong in their residential complex, and any unusual incidents in and around the complexes to the police and housing staff immediately. As with any living arrangement, the responsibility of ensuring a safe environment relies on students to exercise prudent preventative safety measures. Students and their guests must share responsibility for their own personal safety and the safeguarding of their property. Residents should always lock their doors and windows. They should never permit anyone into their residence without proper identification.
The University has communication procedures in place, including those for severe weather or other types of emergencies. Members of the Stockton community are advised to visit the Stockton University home page (, the goStockton portal and/or the University Automated Telephone System at (609) 652-1776 for messages. If you haven't already done so, subscribe to the University emergency text messaging system via the goStockton portal's Student Services tab, Personal Information channel.
Emergency Evacuation Procedures
It is necessary to conduct regular fire drills in all residential buildings to ensure that residents know and follow proper emergency evacuation procedures. Evacuation information is posted in each residential building and classroom.
Residential Life Staff and other authorized personnel reserve the right to enter all residential rooms during fire drills and emergency alarm activations to ensure that all areas have been evacuated. When an alarm is activated you MUST evacuate the building within a reasonable amount of time (approximately three minutes). Students should lock their doors when they leave. All evacuees should assemble no less than 300 feet from the building.