Employee Responsibility

Under Title IX, a responsible employee includes any employee who has the authority to take action to redress the harassment, who has the duty to report sexual harassment or any other sexual misconduct by students or employees, or an individual who a student or employee could reasonably believe has this authority or responsibility. At Stockton, all employees are responsible employees, except some employees are required to maintain near complete confidentiality; talking to them is sometimes called a “privileged communication.” Within the Wellness Center, only employees of the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Center, the Osprey Advocates who are certified victim advocates, employees of Counseling Services, and the licensed physicians and nurses in Health Services have the ability to maintain a complainant’s confidentiality.

Responsible employees and others who receive notice of an incident of sexual violence that occurs on or off campus that involves a member of the Stockton campus community must report it to  Valerie Hayes, Chief Officer/Title IX Coordinator, Room L-214, 2nd floor, (609-652-4693)| Valerie.hayes@stockton.edu), a Deputy Title IX Coordinator, and/or the Campus Police Department, regardless of whether a formal complaint was filed.

Stockton has direct notice when a responsible employee knew, or in the exercise of reasonable care, should have known about the sex discrimination and sexual misconduct. Stockton also can receive direct notice of sex discrimination and sexual misconduct in many different ways, e.g. from students, parents, community members, and others.

Stockton also may receive indirect notice about incidents in an indirect manner from sources such as a member of the local community, social networking sites, or the media. If Stockton learns of incidents, an investigation will ensure to the extent possible the discovery of additional incidents.