Respondent Support

All students are entitled to certain rights throughout the fact-finding investigation and conduct process.

If you are a respondent in a complaint of sexual misconduct, you may have an advisor of your choice to assist you during the fact-finding process and hearing process.  

  • An advisor may be a friend, family member, lawyer or other individual of your choosing.
  • The advisor may help you understand and navigate through the internal administrative process of the investigation and the hearing.
  • An advisor may accompany you in meetings with the Administrative Title IX Investigators and/or the police.
  • An advisor may accompany you in meetings with the Care & Community Standards Office.

Your advisor will do the following to support you

  • Review support services with you.
  • Provide you with appropriate information.
  • Assist you with navigating through family and community impacts.
  • Connect you with on campus and/or off campus resources.
  • Review documents/materials from investigations, reports and sanctioning agreements as requested.
  • Inform you about interim measures and no contact orders, if appropriate.
  • Help you prepare for the hearing process.
  • Conduct cross-examination for you during the hearing.

Contact Amy Jones (609-652-4691) or Stacey Rose (609-626-3585) in the Care & Community Standards Office for names of faculty and staff who serve as advisors.

On-Campus Support Services

Confidential On-Campus Resources

Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Center, F-103 | 609.626.3611 | Hotline | 609.849.8473

Counseling Services, J204 | 609.652.4722

Health Services, WQ 108 | 609.652.4701 (licensed physicians and nurses only)

Other On-Campus Resources


Stockton University's Title IX Coordinator is: | 609-626-4733