Number Description
I-1 Board of Trustees
I-1.5 Evaluation of the College President and Board of Trustees
I-2 Powers and Duties of the President
I-4 Mission Statement
I-5 Organizational Structure
I-6 Accreditation
I-9 Board of Trustees By-Laws
I-9.5 University Seal
I-11 Office of Development and Alumni Affairs
I-12 Strategic and Annual Planning
I-16 Open Public Meetings Act
I-18 Legal Representation of State Employees
I-19 Political Issues and Correspondence
I-20 Richard Stockton College of New Jersey Foundation
I-50 Code of Ethics
I-52.2 Research and Professional Development Committee
I-52.5 Committee on the Protection of Human Subjects
I-55 Campus Conduct Code
I-57 Campus Hearing Board
I-58 Administrative Hearing
I-60 Student Organizational Funding
I-61 Allocation and Disbursement of College Activity Fee Funds
I-67 Disability, Accessibility, and Reasonable Accommodations
I-68 Committee for Diversity, Equality and Affirmative Action
I-70 Publications
I-92 Space Advisory Committee
I-98 Grant Applications and Management
I-99 Effort Reporting and Certification for Grants, Contracts and Other Sponsored Agreements
I-100 Emergency Closing
I-100.5 Emergency Operations Plan
I-101 Policy For the Evaluation of Professional Staff
I-102 Emergency Reporting
I-111 Printing of Union Materials
I-112 Public Information
I-120 Student Policy Prohibiting Sexual Misconduct and Discrimination in the Academic / Educational Environment
I-125 Service Animal and Emotional Support Animal Policy
I-126 University Whistleblower Policy
II-2 Academic Freedom, Responsibility and Tenure
II-3 Academic Calendar
II-6.1 Registration
II-6.3 Remission of Out-of-State Tuition for Certain Foreign Nationals
II-6.4 Residency Defined for Tuition Purposes
II-7 Planning for the Master Schedule
II-10.5 Faculty Evaluation Policy
II-13 Student – Course Load Categories
II-16 Determination of a Student's Academic Level
II-17 Academic Warning, Probation and Dismissal
II-20 Graduation With Honors
II-21 Participation in Graduation Ceremony
II-22 Posthumous Degree
II-24 Double Major
II-30 Course Attendance Policy
II-70 Emeritus / Emerita Status Policy
II-73 Terminal Degree Equivalency for Appointment to Professorial Staff Policy
II-81 Computer Access and Use
II-91 Student Information System
III-10 Student Services' Programs
III-14 Calendar
III-40 On-Campus Housing
III-70 Financial Aid Program
III-100 Educational Opportunity Fund Program
III-140 Appointment of Police officers, Police Powers, and Security Officers
III-141 Campus Police Department Responsibilities and Functions
III-142 Firearms
III-147 Pets on College Property
III-148 Prohibition of Weapons on Campus
III-149 Parking and Traffic Regulations
VI-2 Facilities Master Plan
VI-4 Accepting Service of Subpoenas, Court Orders and Other Legal Documents
VI-8.2 Capital Construction Projects Approval
VI-10 Applicability of Civil Service Rules and Regulations
VI-10.2 Unclassified Staff and Faculty - Terms of Appointment
VI-10.3 Performance Evaluation
VI-10.6 Agreements Resulting From Collective Negotiations
VI-11 Holidays
VI-11.1 Office Hours, Work Week, Lunch Period, Breaks and Emergency Closing
VI-11.4 Employees Who Are Candidates For Public office
VI-12 Lump Sum Sick Leave Payout Option
VI-12.1 New Jersey State Compensation Plan
VI-13 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
VI-13.2 Employee Disciplinary Guidelines
VI-14 Health Benefit Plans
VI-20 Cabinet Officers Appointment, Reappointment and Reassignment
VI-22 Compensation Plan for Executive and Managerial Employees
VI-23 Executive and Management Hours of Work
VI-26 Disciplinary Matters
VI-27 Management Policy: Leaves of Absence
VI-28 Policy Prohibiting Discrimination in the Workplace
VI-42 Fixed Assets
VI-44 Payment of Tuition, Fees, and Indebtedness to the College
VI-45 Refunds Upon Withdrawal
VI-46 Delinquent Accounts
VI-53 Tuition Waiver For Senior Citizens
VI-54 Tuition Waiver For National Guard Members
VI-55 Tuition Waiver For Unemployed Persons: Job Training Program
VI-56 Investment Policy
VI-57 Debt Management Policy
VI-57.5 Post Issuance Tax Exempt Bond Compliance Policy
VI-60 Real Estate Transaction Committee
VI-61 Notifications, Warnings and Prohibitions - Consumer Electronic Products
VI-65 Signatory Authority Policy
VI-67 Contracts With Music Licensing Organization Concerning Licensing & Royalties for Music On Campus
VI-70 University Policy and Procedure Authority
VI-80 Plant Management
VI-81 Pollution Prevention Policy
VI-85 Use of College-Owned Tools and Equipment
VI-89 Internal Audit
VI-90 Smoking Policy
VI-91 Identity Theft Prevention Program
VI-92 Files and Records - Review, Retention, and Retirement
VI-93 Safety and Sanitation
VI-94 Safety Program
VI-100 Protection of Minors Policy