Testing, Note Taking & Alt Text

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Students that are approved for testing accommodations, peer note takers, or require alternative media should review the processes below and ensure they are following these processes every semester. 


Alternative Media Process

Alternative media provides individual access to print material through different methods. Eligibility is determined on an individualized basis.

The Learning Access Program encourages students that need alternative texts to get their request in advance of the semester to ensure that files will be available prior to the start of the semester. Requests can be made at any time but will be processed in order of request. To request an alternate text please complete the Alternate Format Textbook Request Form. Send the completed form and a copy of your receipt to lap@stockton.edu

Once a request is received, LAP staff will try and locate the book in audio or text format through Learning Ally or Bookshare, . If the textbook cannot be located, scanning of the textbook may be required. Textbooks will have the binding cut off, be scanned to a pdf file, and rebound with a plastic spiral binding. Upon receipt of the PDF you are encouraged to check it against the printed text in case there was an error in the file.

Note Taking Process

Students who are approved for note taking accommodations have a number of options for how to receive their accommodation. Different options may be based on the student's learning style, nature of their disability or previous experience. Students will work with their Coordinator to determine which type of accommodation will work best for them. 

If a student is approved to receive peer notes as an accommodation, and would like to request note takers for their courses, they should complete the Peer Note Taker Request Form after they have attended their first week of classes. Students should complete this form for any Face-to-Face, Live Synchronous Zoom Sessions, and/or Live Hybrid Sessions courses that they are requesting a peer note taker; they should not include any classes that a peer note taker is not needed. Once this form is complete, the student emails the request to lapnotes@stockton.edu. The Learning Access Program will facilitate the process in locating a peer note taker that is enrolled in the requested course. Faculty members are not responsible for hiring a note taker. If faculty assistance is needed in acquiring a note taker, they will be contacted by the Learning Access Program. 

If a note taker is needed in a course, an email will be sent to the class roster after the first week of class through Stockton email accounts with an application to apply. Please note that it can take up to 7-10 business days to process, locate and train a peer note taker. The role of a note taker is to have excellent attendance and be able to take neatly typed/written and explicit notes. Note takers are required to email a copy of their typed or scanned notes to lapnotes@stockton.edu within 24 hours of each class.

Assisting students with disabilities as an in-class note taker is an excellent addition to a grad school application and/or resume. In addition, for providing this service, note takers that have successfully taken notes with minimal absences will receive up to a $100.00 credit to their student account. note takers will be compensated accordingly if notes were incomplete and/or unacceptable.

Students who receive note taking services can retrieve their notes online through the Stockton portal.

  1. Sign into your goStockton portal account and click on the Student_Life tab.
  2. On the right side is the Wellness Center channel. Under Accommodate Portal there will be a link to take you to the accommodate portal homepage.
  3. Click on Note-Taker Network.
  4. On this page you will see Note Library
  5. If you have multiple classes can pick the course you want to obtain notes by typing in a keyword and hit Apply Search.
  6. Please note that if you are receiving notes for multiple classes, a limited number of entries will fit on the screen. You will have to hit the Next button to access additional notes.

Students can also access their notes through the direct link https://stockton-accommodate.symplicity.com/sso/students/. You will be directed to sign into Accommodate using your Stockton portal username and password. Once you sign into Accommodate you will see your account on Accommodates Portal homepage.

Testing Accommodation Process

If a student has a testing accommodation, they should  discuss the scheduling of the exams with their faculty and together complete the Testing Accommodation Scheduling Form, which explains the parameters of the exam. Up to four exams can be scheduled on each form at a time. Once the form is completed, it is requested that the student schedule their testing appointment with the Learning Access Program a minimum of 48 hours prior to the start of the exam. Once the test is schedule with the Learning Access Program, it may not be changed by the student. If a date or time needs to be adjusted, the professor should contact the office with the updated information.

Please View our step by step instructions on how to complete the testing form.


Obtain and complete a Testing Accommodation Scheduling Form online or in the Learning Access Program office, Main Campus J-204.

  • Students should complete the front of the form then give the form to the professor to complete the back of the form.
  • Up to four exams can be scheduled on each form at a time.

The student and the professor agree on a day and time to take the test that is within the Learning Access Program's scheduled testing hours, taking into consideration student schedule and accommodations.

Upon completion of the testing form, the form should be returned to the Learning Access Program, Main Campus J-204, preferably at least 48 hours prior to the agreed upon date and schedule the exam.

  • Failure to return the completed form and/or schedule the exam in advance may require you to reschedule the exam, based on availability of proctors, readers, and/or scribes, upon professor approval.
  • Once the test is scheduled, the date and time may not be changed by the student.

Expectations at the time of the exam:

  • Be on time for your exam. Your time for the exam begins at the time the exam was scheduled and will not be increased if you are late.
  • Contact the Learning Access Program immediately if you cannot attend your scheduled exam or if the exam was canceled.  

Test Proctoring Schedule

During fall and spring semesters, the Learning Access Program exam room follows the University's calendar and school closures. The testing room is available by appointment only at the times below:

  • Monday from 8:30am - 4:30pm
  • Tuesday from 8:30am - 4:30pm
  • Wednesday from 8:30am - 4:30pm
  • Thursday from 8:30am - 4:30pm
  • Friday from 8:30am - 4:30pm