Support Programs and Services


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Coordinated Actions to Retain and Educate (CARE) is designed to help students navigate and maximize the benefits of academic and student life resources and includes individualized mentoring


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Educational Opportunity Fund

The EOF program is designed to meet the educational and financial needs of students whose potential for college may not be reflected in their academic grades and whose economic background makes it extremely difficult for them to pursue a college education without financial aid. 

Fellowships for Distinguished Students

Fellowships for Distinguished Students support student-initiated projects of undergraduate research and/or creative work  

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The Food Assistance Program seeks to assist students experiencing food insecurity.


Leadership, Education, Awareness, Development 
(L.E.A.D.) Brochure and 2017 L.E.A.D. Application

Learning Access Program

The Learning Access Program (LAP) educates, advocates and facilitates equal access while maintaining a welcoming, inclusive and accessible campus community. The Learning Access Program upholds and extends compliance standards set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act in all of its policies, procedures, and practices.


The Mediation and Problem Solving Program seeks to assist students navigate interpersonal issues they may experience.



Sankofa Retention Initiative (SRI) is a student retention initiative for minority male students at Stockton University.