Group Counseling

people sitting around a table in a roomGroups led by professional staff offer a supportive and stimulating environment to explore common issues of concern. We encourage you to browse our complete list of current groups offered this semester at the Counseling Center. Group therapy is free and confidential for all enrolled Stockton University students.

Group therapy has been found to be an effective form of treatment and is equivalent to and sometimes more effective than individual therapy for certain concerns. Group therapy helps people talk about things in a more genuine way which helps them address the heart of their struggles and find improvements in their symptoms or concerns.  

Students interested in group counseling services can join in person or via telehealth. Please reach out to the CAPS office to sign up or ask any questions. 

Most of our groups use an open group structure, which means students can join at any point in the semester. 

Fall 2021 Group Offerings

For individuals who identify as ACE, ARO, DEMI, and/or GREY.

Mondays 12:30-2pm, Room CCM-3

Self-Management and Recovery Training, or SMART, supports students with maintaining motivation for sobriety, coping with urges, and manage thoughts/feelings/behaviors for a more managed and healthy life.

Wednesdays 3:30 – 4:30pm, Room F-122

Everyone experiences anxiety, but what can you do when anxiety starts to negatively impact your life? This group offers community, support, and a safe place to learn and practice healthy coping strategies for anxiety and stress.

Wednesdays 2:30 – 3:30pm, Room F-122

Invisible disabilities can make it hard to find people who understand. Reconnecting in the 'new normal' of our post-pandemic world may be even more challenging. You are not alone. Our group is a place for ALL students, whether they "look fine" or not. 

Mondays 4-5pm, Room G-103 or via Zoom using the meeting name LucyAllenCounseling

Provides a curriculum-based education and support on strategies to help recognize and change maladaptive behavioral and thinking patterns for a happier, healthier future. 

This group is by referral only, so please contact the CAPS office for more information.

Fridays 10-12pm, Counseling and Psychological Services Office

A group for students who want support dealing with transitioning back to campus.

Tuesdays 3:30 – 5pm, Room F-122

A safe space for people who want additional help making friends.

Fridays 3:30 – 5pm, G-103

Join us for a safe space where you can process experiences, thoughts and feelings related to diversity issues. We Are Diverse is a multicultural community for empowerment and emotional support.

 Tuesdays 4-5pm, Room G-103 or via Zoom using the meeting name LucyAllenCounseling

A support group for individuals who identify as female.

Fridays 11-12:30am, Room CCM-3

A support group for individuals who are transgender, transitioning and/or questioning.

                Fridays 12:30- 2pm, Room CCM-3