Managers & Supervisors

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We are excited to provide support and resources to managers and supervisors.   Please use the resources below to assist you in your job of managing and supervising employees.

The Deer Oaks Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free service provided for you and all members of your household by Stockton University.  This program offers a wide variety of counseling, referral, and consultation services, which are all designed to assist you and your family in resolving work/life issues in order to live happier, healthier, more balanced lives.  These services are completely confidential and can be easily accessed by calling the toll-free Helpline listed below.

EAP Resources specifically for managers:

Information on the Performance Assessment Review (including) the cycle, the forms, and tutorials for completing the process.

SFT - MOA - Procedures for Evaluation of Professional Staff

The Labor Relations page includes union information, classification information, the grievance process, and salary schedules.

The Quick Links page is your go-to for important employee information including organizational charts, holiday calendar, emergency closing information, personnel action calendars, reasonable accommodations information, lactation information, and other campus offices that could be a resource to employees.

The Employee Engagement page includes information on our annual employee events and recognition opportunies including Bring Your Child to Work Day, the annual Employee Recognition Breakfast, and Stockton's Community Celebration/BBQ.

The Recruitment & Staffing page has information on Career Opportunities, Promotions, and Reclassifications at Stockton.

The Training & Development page includes information on online and in-person training opportunities for employees related to leadership development, operational efficiency, and compliance.  This page also shares information on coaching and consulting opportunities to improve and enhance performance of individuals, teams, and divisions.

Managers are evaluated using the Manager Evaluation Review (MER). The evaluation cycle runs from July through June.  The reappointment MER process for the following evaluation cycle takes places every mid-July through October.

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Stockton is a member of the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium.  This consortium helps Stockton toattract diverse and deep candidate pools.

Need Assistance?

We stand at the ready to assist you with all of your needs and questions with regards to supervising and managing employees.

  • Click hereto view the full list of HR staff including notes on who can help you with what  
  • Or, call us at 609-652-4384
  • Or stop by our suite in J-115

We look forward to getting you what you need, answering your questions, and/or connecting you with the HR/Payroll team member that can best help you.